Top 10: The Best of The Ment 2017

Top 10: The Best of The Ment 2017

From great how-to's, red carpet highlights, and product reviews, we always have your back on The Ment! 
Catch up on these must-read Ment articles of 2017. 

1. Top 5 Best Nudes of the Oscars

2. 6 Nude Lipsticks for Women of Color

3. Swatch Out

4. Swatches Galore!

5. Gloss for Grown Ups

6. DIY Summer Manis

7. Mented Cosmetics: Lipsticks by and for Women of Color

8. What's 7-Free Nail Polish?

9. My Letters of Rec: Gloss for Grown Ups

10. Top 5 Favorite Nude Brands

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