My Letters of Rec: Gloss for Grown Ups

My Letters of Rec: Gloss for Grown Ups

By Natasha Boler @itsbolerbaby on November 19, 2017

Earlier this year, I wrote a review about the Capsule lipstick collection by Mented Cosmetics.  You can find at least two tubes of Mented lipstick in my cosmetic bag at any time.  I still find the shades to be super flattering and transitional which is important for a girl on the go.  Since the time of my review, Mented has released additional shades of lipstick, a nail polish collection, and the Gloss for Grown Ups lipgloss collection. 

I've been on the move much more lately, which has caused me to try and find ways to simplify my routine.  When it comes to my lips, I've recently been using a simple balm out of fear that I won't have time to touch-up my lipstick. I haven't yet reached the level of adult where you master the art of re-applying lipstick without looking in the mirror.  I'm waiting for my mom to teach me her ways. LOL. I can, however, re-apply lipgloss quick, fast, and in a hurry without a compact and while in motion.  So when I caught wind of the Gloss for Grown Up collection, I knew I needed to give it a try.

The glosses come in four shades, Send Nudes, Berry Me, Baby Brown and Mauve Over.  Again Mented wins the name game, so cute!  I want to start with how good these glosses feel.  The application is smooth, not at all tacky like most glosses.  I've forgotten I had it on a few times because I didn't have that sticky feeling that I used to know.  I also love how saturated the colors are. I've gone through tubes of gloss trying to make it look like something because they are so sheer. 

After trying on all four, I found something about each that I like.  Send Nudes and Mauve Over are my top two because I know I can wear them every day and with everything.  Baby Brown is perfect and right on time for the Fall/Winter season.  I will be wearing Baby Brown for the next couple of month, consider yourself warned. LOL.  Berry Me sits in the berry/pink/red family and is probably the gloss I'll reach for when I want to glam my look up a bit. If you have tried the Mented lipsticks, you'll definitely want to give the glosses a try! Check out Gloss for Grown Ups by Mented Cosmetics!

My Letter of Rec: Find a routine and the products that fit into your lifestyle. When packing my carry-on (I hate waiting for checked bags) I need to keep things as compact as possible.  This certainly applies to my toiletries and cosmetics. Less is better in that department, so I'm all about finding products I can use weeklong. What are your go-to products? 

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