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What's in our Mented Makeup Bags?

What's in our Mented Makeup Bags?

As the Founders of Mented Amanda Johnson (left) and KJ Miller (right) have been asked countless of times what their favorite beauty products are! Check out what beauty products they keep in their Mented Makeup Bag at all times!

1. What is your Holy Grail beauty product?

I can’t live without Dope Taupe lipstick. It is my perfect nude, the one I’ve been looking for my entire life. It always completes my look. - AJ

The one thing I absolutely cannot live without (besides the perfect nude lip, obvi) is my eyebrow pencil. My eyebrows are sooo thin, and in some places completely bald, so I HAVE to fill them in every morning. And my go-to brand is KISS Top Brow - it’s super affordable and has an extra-fine tip for precision. - KJ

2. Which Mented products live in your bag?

First and foremost I carry my Mented mirror. I always carry at least two lipsticks; my perfect nude Dope Taupe and a darker brown like Foxy Brown. And I must must bring Send Nudes lip gloss for those times where you want a nude little shine. - AJ

ALL OF THEM. I’m currently obsessed with our eyeshadow palette (Redbone is my fave shade), and I love doing an ultra nude lip with Brand Nude and a touch of Send Nudes on top. - KJ

3. Which skin-care product do you keep on-hand?

I’m an oil monster, so I always carry blotting papers. - AJ

Amanda has turned me into a skincare junkie, and now I can’t live without my vitamin-c serum and my night oil. - KJ

4. Light, Medium, or Full-coverage foundation?

I prefer to build up lighter coverage foundation so I can achieve different looks for different occasions. - AJ

Medium most days, full when I’m going glam. - KJ

5. Do you switch up the products in your bag by season? If so, which products and why?

Absolutely! Seasonality for both skincare and makeup is key. In the summer I rock lighter colors and SPF. In the winter I need more moisture and I prefer a darker hue. - AJ

The biggest change for me comes in summer, because everything has to lighten up (Manhattan in the summer is disgusting). I opt for lighter coverage foundation or I skip the foundation altogether and just do concealer, I do way less in terms of blush and shadow, and you couldn’t find me with a contour if you’re life depended on it - it’s just too much product for those hot summer days! But the one constant is the perfect nude lip - it works in every season :-) - KJ

Great news you can get your Mented Makeup Bag today for only $12 (Orig. $20)! 

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All Worked up with Amanda and KJ from Mented Cosmetics

All Worked up with Amanda and KJ from Mented Cosmetics

By Rebecca Allen on February 27, 2018

We're kicking off our Q&A series with Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller, the co-founders of Mented Cosmetics, a makeup line for women of color. They launched with a beautiful line of lippies for brown girls and just dropped an eye shadow palette that is available for pre-order. 

Undeterred by the lack of support women of color receive from venture dollars, KJ and Amanda set out to delight ladies who are still underserved by the beauty industry. In October of 2017, the duo secured $1M in venture capital becoming the 15th and 16th African-American women ever to do so, as reported by Forbes. You read that correctly. 

Naturally, we were dying to know more about their routines. Read on for a glimpse into how KJ and Amanda get All Worked Up.

Where do you reside and what is your favorite local spot close to home? 

I live in Harlem and this neighborhood has truly become my home. My favorite local spot is Ginny’s Supper Club. It’s a great place to unwind with a drink and some dancing on a Friday night. - AJ

I’ve been in Harlem since moving to New York in 2010 - it’s become home for me. My favorite spot, hands down, is Barawine. Best happy hour in the city! - KJ

It's breakfast time on a weekday, where are you and what are you eating?

I’m up early every morning to work out, and then I walk 20 blocks to work. Somehow in the midst of all that I usually forget to eat breakfast, but I’ve been trying to do a better job of grabbing at least a bar or something small on my way out the door. I always feel better when I eat in the morning - I’ve just got to remember to do it! - KJ

It's dinner time on a weekday, where are you and what are eating? 

If we aren’t out with investors or networking over dinner, then I’m at home. I love a good canape and open bar, but there is nothing like a home cooked meal. Once I come home from the gym around 7:30pm, I like to find new ways to cook my favorite items. A pack of taco seasonings or some fresh herbs can take a dish a long way. -AJ

Tell us about your workwear style. 

My startup work style is very different than my old corporate ways. I used to dress like others in my office; suits while in investment banking and high heels while in high fashion. Now I dress however I want. There are days when we don’t leave the office that I wear no makeup and a hoodie. There are other days when I want to put on some suede 4 inch pumps and strut around in a skirt. The luxury of a startup is choice. - AJ

One of the perks of running your own company is you get to where WHATEVER you want, all the time. In my former life as a consultant I was in business casual all the time, and I kind of hated feeling so confined. These days I’m almost always in jeans unless we’ve got an event that evening. If I want to take my look up a notch I amp up my makeup and throw on a heel once I get to the office. - KJ

Do you have a favorite workwear item that you can't live without? If so, please share!

I guess it’s gotta be my bookbag. You’ll never find me without it - I used to carry big purses all over the city and my back couldn’t take it anymore!  So now my plain-jane no-brand grey bookbag is my best friend. I might upgrade it to something a bit more fancy at some point, but I’m all about functionality since I’m lugging my laptop everywhere I go. - KJ

You're about to give a big presentation/have a big meeting, what are you wearing:

We’ve had some big investor pitches or a press appearance where we’ve really had to think about what we wear. I love a good fitted patterned dress and high heels. - AJ 

How do you prepare for said big presentation or meeting? 

If it’s a big investor meeting, the prep definitely started months ago. I don’t like walking into situations without a solid game plan. The day of a big meeting I like to check back on LinkedIn and other online sources to make sure I know as much as possible about the person I’m meeting with, and I like to cultivate one or two non-work related items I can drop into the conversation to warm up the vibe a bit.  And if it’s a REALLY big pitch, I of course have to play some Beyonce to get in the right headspace. (Who run the world? Girls.) - KJ

What constitutes a good day at work? 

A good day at work is when there is productivity and laughter. Productivity can mean we think strategically about the big stuff and are still able to check the boxes on the details. I also love the work culture we’re creating. We want everyone to bring their whole self to work and that for me involves laughter. -AJ

How do you unwind and turn work off? 

These days I’m all about self-care. I have a charcoal mask routine I do every week, and I’ve gotten really into my nightly skincare routine as well. I also try really hard to make it home for dinner every night with my husband - that’s my ultimate unwind time. If I wanted to I could work all day, so having this structured “off” time with him helps me get out of my head for a while and recharge. - KJ

What is your favorite thing to allocate time to outside of “the office?”

Outside of the office I love to explore. I could be in a museum, walking around a neighborhood, trying out different cocktails, or reading about a different time (I love historical fiction). All of these things make me a well rounded person and that helps make me better at my job. -AJ

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    Top 5 Nude Looks: Oscars 2018

    Top 5 Nude Looks: Oscars 2018

    The stars did not disappoint at this year's 90th Annual Academy Awards!  From the red carpet to the Vanity Fair after party there were so many stunning looks it was hard for us to choose our top 5 nude looks of the night. Check out our list of the best nude lips and how to get them.  

    Danai Gurira looked stunning in a sleek dress that showed off her figure. She paired her soft smokey eye with a berry lip. Wear our Berry Me lip gloss to get this look. Feeling her eyeshadow? We'll show you how to recreate her look using our Everyday Eyeshadow Palette here

    From the red carpet to the after parties Regina Hall is always slaying! Regina let her sheer dress steal the show by wearing a soft pink lip. Get her look by wearing our Mauve Over gloss. 

    Kelly Marie Tran paired her beautiful cinderella-esque dress with an updo and minimal makeup. Get her nude lip by wearing our Peach Please lipstick.

    LUPITA! What more can we say when her name is synonymous with style and grace? Her nude lip has a strong resemblance to our Dark Night lipstick. If Lupita likes it we're sure you'll love it! 

    Mary J. Blige looked elegant in all white and soft makeup. Her pink lip was a nice touch that we loved. Get her look using our Pretty in Pink lipstick.

    Want to learn how to recreate other red carpet looks using Mented? Check out our Top 5 Nude Looks: Red Carpet Glam

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    Voices: Why Compromise?

    Voices: Why Compromise?

    Rebecca Allen

    I recently launched Rebecca Allen, which is an initial offering of a timeless patent leather pump for women of color. I offer five “nude” shades. It’s foundation for your feet. I used to work in finance and this elusive nude pump, usually some beige offering, never achieved the same seamless finish on my legs. It seemed absurd to me that no one in the marketplace was speaking to non-white women and offering this wardrobe staple for our closets.

    As I’ve started getting the word out on the brand I’ve heard from so many women who have been on the hunt. One said that she had started looking into how to dye a pair of shoes to make her nude. Another woman told me that years ago she had found a pump that was “close enough,” but then had to track it down in her size across the country. It shouldn’t be this hard.

    I’m committed to telling the stories of powerhouse women of color. How we get dressed is an extension of our identities and I don’t want any woman, particularly a woman of color, to feel like she has to compromise.


    My approach to skincare is fairly simple, although I am guilty of always thinking there is something out there that will change my life that I have yet to try. I have been dealing with a serious bout of acne as of late and started using True Botanicals Clear series. It consists of their Hydrating Cleanser, a Repair Serum and their Pure Radiance Oil. For a mask I use Bentonite Clay mixed with raw apple cider vinegar. This is supposed to draw out impurities. For hydrating masks, I have a bunch of Master Lab K-Beauty sheet masks that my husband brought back from a work trip to South Korea. He’s a big fan, too. Whenever I’m looking to try something new I check out It’s an all-natural apothecary that curates US-based brands.


    I believe that the key to staying fresh off a flight is drinking lots of water! I also usually bring some rose water to spritz on my face as needed.


    I do not wear a ton of makeup, but I have a simple, three-minute application that I never have to think about. I use RMS Un Cover-up for under eye concealer and RMS Un Powder to set it. Then I apply By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum (smells lovely) to the high points on my face. I’m always trying to get that glow! I use Jane Iredale lash conditioner and mascara, fill in my brows a little with Ecobrow and apply a little RMS Lip2cheek for blush. If I’m heading out for a big night I may turn it up with a smokey eye, a little bronzer, and Dope Taupe or Pretty in Pink from Mented!


    I am a big exfoliator. I love the Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth because it rinses clean very easily. I also believe in a good wash cloth scrub down. I tried dry brushing, but it just isn’t as satisfying. I like to use coconut oil on my body, but in the winter I usually need something stronger because I get very dry and am prone to eczema patches.

    I only use natural deodorant, and like to switch them up. carries a bunch and will tell you that if you are ready to make one natural switch in your beauty routine, deodorant is the most impactful place to start. I like Schmidt’s Rose & Vanilla Stick. I also use Kiss My Face, which is stocked pretty widely.


    I am Drybar enthusiast, but for washing and styling at home I have Form Beauty products. I also love the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for dry shampoo and Byredo’s Gypsy Water Hair Perfume. I get my hair cut by Mahogany Grace at the John Barrett Salon on top of Bergdorf’s in the city. We have been together for just about 15 years. She was the one who took me from relaxer to natural in my early 20s. We just did a big chop! It was amazing. Then went back to relaxer in my late 20s and now we are growing out the relaxer again, but just trimming as it grows. No big chop chop this time.

    Rebecca is wearing our Pretty in Pink lipstick
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    Everyday Eyeshadow Palette

    Everyday Eyeshadow Palette

    The Everyday Eyeshadow Palette was created with melanated beauties in mind! We've all been here: we buy a palette and only end up using 2-3 shades because they're the only ones that show up or complement our skin tone. Say bye to ashy beiges and hello to our 9-shade nude and neutral palette that has all of the highly pigmented shades you need to create both natural and glam looks! With a built-in mirror you can take this beauty on-the-go to transition from work to happy hour in no time. 


    Watch the tutorials below by beauty influencers Too Much MouthSudani Doll, and faceovermatter to learn how you can create easy day and night looks using the  Everyday Eyeshadow Palette


    Watch as TooMuchMouth uses our  Everyday Eyeshadow Palette to create an easy everyday look perfect for school or work.


    Watch as Sudani Doll transitions from day to night using our  Everyday Eyeshadow Palette.
    Go from the office to happy hour in no time with these looks created by faceovermatter.
    Shop our  Everyday Eyeshadow Palette now.
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    My Journey to Wakanda

    My Journey to Wakanda

    It is Black History Month and as the child of a history major this was always a very big deal in my household. My parents ensured we knew the names and stories of every great Black historical figure, so we had pride and joy in who we were. We have greats like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Adam C Powell Jr, and Rosa Parks from the Civil Rights era. We have moguls like John H. Johnson, Oprah, and Sheila Johnson in the world of business. We have artists like Queen Beyonce, James Baldwin, and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the world of creativity. These legends have and continue to move Black culture and cultures around the globe forward.

    History is constantly being made and there are some 2017 highlights that call for reflection. Rihanna’s launch of Fenty in the fall helped bring the conversation of beauty inclusivity to the forefront. The NAACP Image Awards gave out its first ever YouTube Creator of the Year Award for 2017 to Jackie Aina, who so richly deserved it since she’s given a voice to Black women for years. Representative Maxine Waters taught us all how to ‘reclaim our time’. The strength, dignity, and grace of former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama leaving the White House and starting the Obama Foundation. And we’d like to think that Mented was a part of that history making of 2017 as well.

    We launched Mented on MLK Day 2017 because we too had a dream that our brand would be meaningful to black and brown people everywhere. My co-founder and I are the 15th and 16th Black women to raise $1 million in venture capital according to Forbes. A Vogue article acknowledged that like Fenty, we are a force in the movement of beauty diversity. The great Jackie Aina did a review our lipstick collection and loved it! We’ve been on tv, in magazines, in newspapers, and doing pop-up shops across the country sharing our love of Mented! We talk about the amazing diverse community that we’re building and that’s helping us build our brand. In that way, we’ve all made history.

    This hasn’t been easy. We’ve all had to transition to be the leaders of our lives at some point. There was a moment where we all had to take the reigns and go after what we wanted. For me that was the launch of Mented. An entrepreneurial endeavor is never easy, but it’s been one of the most rewarding pursuits of my life. For me the future is Wakanda. A place that feels limitless, community minded, and forward thinking. The Black Panther movie inspired me to dream bigger and to always want to bring my people with me. I hope Mented continues to have a impact on Black culture and beauty inclusivity. I hope we continue to be influenced and encouraged by the amazing people of color around us. I hope that when we look back in 20 years, Mented will have meant something to us all and that we take pride in what we've built.



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    The Nudes You've Been Waiting For

    The Nudes You've Been Waiting For

    Your Average Afro Latina

    By Amanda @afrolatinas January 28, 2018

    Got nudes? Until recently, shopping for "nude" anything typically meant that I was looking at products that cater to the much lighter (whiter) skin tones - from panty hose, to lipstick, to shape wear, even crayons. Many of us have grown up used to this discrepancy, trying to make do with what's available to us, while simultaneously thinking, "Is there nothing made with us women of color in mind?" Thankfully, we're seeing more and more representation in the beauty industry with companies venturing out and showing their consideration for the variety of skin tones God made on this beautiful Earth.  

    Fortunately, I was granted the opportunity (thank you!) to check out one of those companies: Mented Cosmetics, a black-owned cosmetics company created by KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson. Mented Cosmetics aims to give every woman the opportunity to see herself in the world of beauty by giving them the perfect nude lippies (woo for representation!) and all their lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty free, and proudly made in the USA. 
    (L to R: Mented #5, Dark Night, Pretty in Pink, Foxy Brown, Dope Taupe, and Nude LaLa)
    The packaging was super cute (as you can see), with each lipstick having a clean, minimalistic matte capsule, but I also appreciated the nice peachy packing within the box! The lipsticks themselves are not matte, but a satin finish. In my package was Mented's 6-shade Capsule Collection (see swatches below).
    These are pure lip swatches. I haven’t used any other product (not even chapstick). Next time, I might use a lipliner beforehand so I'm not stressing about clean lines or smudging. At times, I found myself just using the lipstick to apply around the edges because I found the color smearing during application when I used my lip brush to outline my lips. You can’t even tell in the pictures, though! These lipsticks are very comfortable and are great for day to day wearing. My personal favorites are Pretty in Pink, Foxy Brown, and Nude LaLa. I thought Pretty in Pink is the perfect “girly” color, Nude LaLa is the most similar to my natural lip color, and Foxy Brown has a nice yellow undertone that I love! Dope Taupe is another fave, as well. 
    If you want to see live swatches, check out my YouTube video!
    Which shades from this collection were your fave? Have you tried Mented?
    Make sure you check them out and follow on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and their website!

    Original Article on
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    Top 5 Nude Looks: NYFW Fall 2018

    Top 5 Nude Looks: NYFW Fall 2018

    Nudes are here to stay! This reigned true during this year's NYFW Fall 2018 runways. Models and celebs alike came through serving looks that we love! Check out our list of the best nude lips and how to get them. 

    This look is all about SKIN! What better way to showcase and complement gorgeous skin than wearing a true nude? We'd recommend our Dark Night lipstick to achieve this look. 

    Ciara is the queen of NYFW! She lets her outfits get the center of attention by keeping her makeup clean and simple. Her lip shade is reminiscent of our Peach Please lipstick. 

    Fall and winter are the best times to rock deeper lip shades! If your feeling this look like you should try our Mented #5 lipstick.

    The always gorgeous Justine Skye is serving us face! Get her lip color by wearing our Brown Bare lipstick. For more shine top it with our Send Nudes lip gloss. 

    When going for a bold eye look it's essential to balance it out with a nude lip. To achieve her look we recommend our Pretty in Pink lipstick. 


    Want to learn how to recreate other NYFW looks using Mented? Check out our Top 5 Nude Looks: NYFW Spring 2018.

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    Go Nude this Valentine's Day

    Go Nude this Valentine's Day

    Whether you're celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or enjoying Galentine’s Day with your best gal pals we hope it’s filled with love!

    At Mented we firmly believe in loving yourself first. We stand by that even when it comes to beauty, reason why we create products that enhance your natural beauty.

     Since last Valentine’s Day we’ve expanded from our 6-shade nude capsule collection to having 9 lip shades, a collection of lip glosses, a nude nail collection, and accessories. We couldn’t do this without the love and support from all of you.

    So join us as we #GoNudeforLove - and have a beautiful and love-filled Valentine's Day.
    Check out our Video Gallery and get your V-Day look with Mented!
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    The Nude Lipstick Worth Gifting this Valentine’s Day… and Every Holiday That Follows

    The Nude Lipstick Worth Gifting this Valentine’s Day… and Every Holiday That Follows

    By Nailah Ali @just.nailah on February 11, 2018

    Hey y’all, I have a really exciting post for you in this fine Sunday evening. Hence me sharing it a bit earlier than normal. With Valentine’s Day a mere 3 days away, I figured I’d do some of the work for you and tell you what the perfect gift is. If you’re still scrambling for a gift idea that is. I’ve got you covered. Enter, Mented Cosmetics. A black-women-owned vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and USA-made makeup brand. Their claim to fame? Mastering nude lipstick for every skin type. Yes, if you’re a POC reading this, they have a nude shade that WILL work for you, without the guilt. What more could you ask for?

    Front to back: Nude Lala, Pretty in Pink, Dope Taupe, Mented #5, Foxy Brown, Dark Night


    They were gracious enough to send their capsule collection of nude lipsticks and their nude polishes to try out for you guys! My dear friend and fellow creative visionary, Myesha and I,  captured the products in their best light to show you why you need to get on the Mented Cosmetics train. We primarily highlighted the lipsticks this time around, but as soon as I’m ready for a nail color change, I’ll share a pic on insta or something to give you a peek at how they work. Let’s get into the galleries, swatches, and review, shall we?

    Mented Cosmetics: Dark Night

    Firstly, I swatched these colors without my go-to clear lip liner that I apply before all lipsticks I wear. I was admittedly a little disappointed with how this color came out on me. I was expecting it to be a bit darker, but I still love it. It’s the perfect brown outside of that, and I think it will be stunning on top of a lip liner.

    Mented Cosmetics: Foxy Brown

    And foxy it freaking is. This was my favorite of the group. It was an unexpectedly gorgeous burnt orangey brown and it just worked perfectly on my face lol. Maybe it’s the earrings and the black turtleneck that made it pop a bit more, but gosh it’s gorgeous. And as you can also see, it’s also very nicely pigmented.

    Mented Cosmetics: Mented #5

    Again, love this color as well. I’ve never been a big taupe fan, but I love that this one is a bit of a darker taupe. Kind of sultry if you will. This one is also pigmented, and really nice and creamy. I was loving the consistency of these at this point.

    Mented Cosmetics: Dope Taupe

    This one of the bunch I’d consider one of my perfect nudes. I think the “perfect nude” to me doesn’t have to be the kind that blends into my face. I don’t like the whole washed out look lol. I’m a big fan of the darker lip all year round, so this one would be a great spring/summer nude for me.

    Mented Cosmetics: Pretty in Pink

    All right y’all, when I first tried this one on, I was like naw, NEXT. I usually NEVER wear pinks, especially bright pinks. I just hate the contrast of it against my skin. But the longer I wore this one when swatching, I grew to like it. I determined it was because of the softness of this particular pink. It sort of settles if that makes sense. I’m going to continue stepping out of my comfort zone with this one.

    Mented Cosmetics: Nude La La

    Nude La La to me is Mented #5’s berry obsessed sister. Therefore, it’s also going to be a good go-to for the spring and summer, possibly even more so than Mented #5.

    And that’s the capsule collection! As for how long the lipsticks wear, I kept Nude Lala on for a few hours after we shot and proceeded to eat and drink and I definitely will have to re-apply, but that’s neither here nor there for me (I don’t mind having to re-apply). I’m hoping that paring them with my clear lip liner (which I HIGHLY suggest you pick up as well) I’ll get a little longer wear out of them.


    Original article on Just Nailah

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    Voices: Tech Meets Beauty

    Voices: Tech Meets Beauty

    Atima Lui


    I run NUDEST, a Brooklyn-based fashion and beauty tech company building patent-pending skin tone matching technology called NUDEMETER. We license NUDEMETER directly to brands for use on their e-commerce stores to help their customers find the right products for them online, without having to try anything on in person. Our mission at NUDEST is to change the standard of beauty to match the full range of diversity in human skin, and our tech-enabled, data-driven approach is empowering beauty and fashion brands to do just that!

    Building a company focused on helping women love the skin they’re in is incredibly motivating, because I personally relate to not being able to find the right nude shades of undergarments or beauty products that match my skin. I’m the child of a Sudanese refugee, and I am so proud of my Nilotic skin tone; but growing up, it was difficult to feel beautiful when I felt ignored and unseen by the fashion and beauty industries. That’s why the work we do at NUDEST and the products made by Mented Cosmetics are so important.


    I live and die by my Aesop face cleansers, which I use once in the morning and once before I go to sleep at night. In cooler months when my skin is more likely to dry out I wash with their Fabulous Face Cleanser. In warmer months when I need something more astringent to wash off the sweat and dirt from a long day in the city I use the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser. The trick to both cleansers is to massage them into your face while it is still dry, that way natural but powerful ingredients can effectively cleanse and nourish your pours without the dilution of water. It also gives you a few blissful minutes to breathe in the delightful aroma of the cleanser. Both products are smooth, gel-like liquids, so I like to sprinkle in their Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant once per week to keep my skin soft. After washing and patting my face dry, I hydrate with the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum for a finishing glow.


    I prefer a natural look to my makeup routine. I apply a basic drug store Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner, but like to get more fancy with my Diorshow Mascara. As someone who was not blessed with long lashes, I find that Dior really helps me fake it. On days that I need to cover a blemish or two I use Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation in their darkest shade. However, I am so excited to start using my new Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Espresso. It’s so much easier than liquid foundation. For my lips you can usually find me wearing a clear chap-stick or a bright pop of color to mix things up.


    I keep things very simple with my body. I have sensitive dry skin, and in the past I’ve used common soaps in the shower like Dial or Dove. However, after doing some research on more natural body cleansers I discovered Oleavine Therapeutic Soap. The tea tree and mint combination gives your skin a wonderful tingly feeling while soothing you with aromatherapy-grade essential oils in a hot shower. It always takes me to my happy place. To moisturize I rely on a combination of organic coconut oil and Curel Ultra Healing Lotion. I find that both keep me ash-free day-long.


    I have a super short haircut, which means the key to a good hair day for me is a happy scalp – because everyone can see it! I wash and moisturize once per week with Shea Moisture shampoos and conditioners. I love having a variety of their scents on rotation so that I don’t get bored. I find all their shampoos and conditioners keep my scalp moisturized and flake free. Between washing's, I like to apply Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey in the mornings. The leave-in conditioner really does smell like fresh oranges every time you use it.

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    Top 5 Nude Looks: Red Carpet Glam

    Top 5 Nude Looks: Red Carpet Glam

    Award season is in full swing and the stars are slaying the red carpet! From making a statement in all black at the Golden Globe's to vibrant gowns at the Screen Actors Guild Awards we are loving what we see on the red carpet this year. We have complied our top 5 nude looks from the award season so far.

    Naomi Campbell looked effortlessly beautiful in a layered black a-line gown, smokey eye and a nude lip. Wear our lip shade Mented #5 to achieve her look.

    Jackie Cruz was gorgeous in a Purple ombre ball gown and a warm pink lip. To recreate this look we suggest our Pretty in Pink lipstick.

    Halle Berry let her gown shine bright by keeping her makeup look clean and elegant. To achieve her look wear our Nude la la lipstick.

    While we were congratulating Oprah on her Cecil B. DeMille Award we were also admiring the nude lip she paired with her statement black frames and velvet off the shoulder gown. We recommend our Mauve Over lip gloss to get her look.

    I think we all hope our 2018 is as great as Cardi B’s 2017. To rock her look wear our Brand Nude lipstick.


    Want to learn how to recreate other celeb looks using Mented? Check out these articles: 5 Best Nudes from the BET Red Carpet5 Best Nudes of the OscarsTop 5 Red Carpet LooksTop 5 Nude Looks from NYFWTop 5 Nude Looks: Black Panther Premiere 

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