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How to Dress for a Sexy Date Night

How to Dress for a Sexy Date Night

How to Dress for a Sexy Date Night By Nichole Alabi on March 12, 2017

Is it me or has dating gotten super casual? Well I still believe in getting dressed up for date night. Here are my tips for dressing for a sexy date night brought to you by my friends at Mented Cosmetics. #NudesatNight


Foxy Brown by Mented Cosmetics

What I’m Wearing:

LOOK 1: Zara Dress, Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps
LOOK 2: Zara Dress, Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots
LOOK 3: Zara Cardigan, Faux Leather Camisole and Pants
LOOK 4: Reformation Bodysuit, Zara Lace Skirt
LOOK 5: Zara Suede Shirt, Zara Faux Leather Skirt, Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots
LOOK 6: Missguided Bodysuit, Maximilian Fur Vest

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Tiny Clutch? Here's 4 Must-Have Beauty Products For A Girls Night Out

Tiny Clutch? Here's 4 Must-Have Beauty Products For A Girls Night Out

It’s girl’s night out and you’re getting ready. It’s time to squeeze all of your bare necessities into your tiny clutch for those quick runs to the bathroom! There’s only so much you can jam pack into a tiny clutch, so you’re left with the tough decision of deciding what makeup essentials will make the cut. Guess what? We’ve done the hard part for you and created a list of 4 must-have beauty products for the perfect night out!
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Mented Labs: Behind the Scenes

Mented Labs: Behind the Scenes

"We love your lipsticks - how do you guys make them?"


We get this question all the time. We'd love to tell you, but then we'd have to kill you...


HA! Joking. Our product development process is fun and inclusive - keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look into how we create the shades you love.


1) Research

This is arguably the most important part. If you want to make a standout product you have to know what products are out there. Every season we gather the team for a group shopping trip to understand what's out there and where the products fall short. We also conduct surveys and focus groups to understand our customers' pain points.


2) Create
Fun fact: every shade you love gets its start right here in the Mented labs. It's always exciting to see the shades you've envisioned start to take shape.


3) Test
Now for the fun part. We love focus groups because they give us a chance to connect with customers. We also typically bring wine...because what goes better with makeup than a pinot?


4) Launch!
Once we've researched, created, tested and refined (and by the way there are many iterations of this process), we're ready to launch! If we've done the steps right, we're launching a great product to an excited customer base. Our summer collection of lip shades launches in June - so you'll see the fruits of our labor soon!
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