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Top 5 Favorite Nude Brands

"Nude" is simply defined as being bare, and as lovers of natural beauty "nude" is the inspiration for everything we do.  Unfortunately for women of color, when the beauty industry talks about "nude" we're often left out of the conversation. A pale pink lip and a beige shoe isn't "nude" for all of us, and we're tired of making due with what's available.

We created Mented because women of all hues should be able to find and buy their perfect nudes, and know those products were created with us in mind. That's why we're celebrating five amazing brands offering women of all shades their perfect nude. Check out the list for our 5 favorite nudes!

1. Christian Louboutin 

Christian Louboutin nude ballerina flats   Christian Louboutin nude flat

Christian Louboutin "Nudes" Collection Of Solasofia Ballet Flats Photo courtesy: Christian Louboutin, Photographer: Sofia Et Mauro

Our first pick is Christian Louboutin’s nude ballerina flats. If you didn’t hear about Louboutin’s Nude Collection in 2016 (and how could you have missed it?) — now you don’t have to wait for it to launch.

The collection includes the brand’s classic Solasofia flat in seven shades of nude; from Nude #1 – Light cream to Nude #7 - a rich dark chocolate shade.

This collection is an expansion of Louboutin’s first inclusive nude collection, launched in 2013 with heels in seven shades of nude. 

KJ loves that Louboutin came out with these flats since she doesn’t wear heels often: “These flats are great - there's no reason style and comfort can't go together.”

2. Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin nude lingerie  Nubian Skin nude lingerie

Photo courtesy: Nubian Skin

Founded by Ade Hassan, the UK brand Nubian Skin launched in 2014 and shortly after it went viral. Nubian Skin’s ad campaign features beautiful black women with medium to dark skin tones in a variety of perfectly matching nude bras and panty sets.

Since the success of the first launch the brand has continued to grow to include more shades and larger sizes.The brand currently has 4 shades of nude, which you can shop for on their website by skin-tone:  Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel, and Café Au Lait. 

We love the Essential T-shirt Bra because it is smooth, supportive, and of course our true nude! So whether we wear this under a simple white tee or under a dress we can trust that it will blend seamlessly with our skin.

Amanda loves the line saying "I love feeling like my true self is celebrated."

3. Kahmune

Kahmune nude heels   Kahmune nude heels

Photo courtesy:

Kahmune is a new luxury brand that is truly catering to all women - and with affordable prices to boot. Founder Jamela Acheampong’s debut collection will be available for pre-order in February. The collection will feature two styles: strappy block sandals and a classic pointed stiletto in 10 colors.

On their website you can pick your perfect color with suggestions based on popular foundation colors (MAC, L.A Girl, and Black Up cosmetics). For example, if you wear MAC’s NW45 (medium dark) you’re best match is ENUGU “The Fiery Copper of Nigeria”. If you’re more of a L.A Girl Soft Honey your sole mate would be RIO.

Acheampong explained, “The idea of diversity, and more importantly, inclusivity, is still a huge problem in the beauty and fashion industries. The motivation was to provide nude shades to fit darker skin tones, but I thought it was important to ensure that all skin tones are represented."

4. Juvia's Place

Juvia's Place nude palette   Juvia's Place nude palette

Photo courtesy:

If you are addicted to watching YouTube makeup tutorials or following beauty influencers on Instagram you have likely seen reviews for Juvia’s Place Nubian Eyeshadow Palettes.

The brand carries a multitude of products but is most well known for its eyeshadow palettes Nubian 1, Nubian 2, and Masquerade. 

With most eyeshadow palettes we typically end up using just a few shades out of a platte. We often have to prime our eyes with a lighter color and hope for the best, or stick to the few shades that are bright enough to be seen without appearing chalky.

Juvia’s Place palettes were created with women in color in mind and take the guesswork out of eyeshadow. 

5. Spanx

Spanx nude    Spanx nude

Photo courtesy: Spanx

Gone are the days of wearing white undergarments beneath white pants (contrary to popular belief, it shows!). You should be wearing nude colored underwear, but when you're a brown beauty it can be hard to find one that actually matches your skin tone.

SPANX has answered our call with one of it’s newest products the Skinny Britches High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short ($52.00). It comes in sizes XS-XL and in 5 colors! The colors we found to be brown-beauty friendly are Naked 3.0 and Naked 4.0. These shorts are perfect to be worn under skirts, dresses, and light colored pants.

Since the launch of SPANX in 2000, it has become a household name and is viewed as an essential undergarment brand for every woman to own. SPANX has been around for almost two decades now but they are never lacking when it comes to innovation.

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