Voices: Mariel Cornel

Voices: Mariel Cornel

If there’s anything I love most from Mented, it’s their lipsticks. Their extensive range compliments every warm-colored skin tone, making it the perfect match for every look. I’m sure if these options were available back then, my mom would’ve had a less tedious make-up journey. However, I’m incredulously grateful that we have inclusive brands such as Mented so that I can bond with my future daughter when she falls in love with dance.

Eventually, I got exhausted from the glitz and glam (only to return to it years later). I couldn’t get away with my love for expression, whether it was through dance, beauty, writing and eventually fashion. Growing up attending Catholic school for a majority of my educational career, my desire to express would exude in every opportunity possible; sometimes it’d even create opportunities on its own. I’d be in three-hour detention almost every weekend, to the point where I was paying to be at detention, then eventually almost receiving a demerit for not adhering to dress code. I was never the type to be told what to do.

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