The Best Lipstick for Cool Undertones

The Best Lipstick for Cool Undertones

We all have natural undertones in our skin, but finding how to complement them with makeup can sometimes be tricky. The first step in the formula to finding the perfect lipstick is to know which colors match with the skin’s undertones. This will help you understand how to dress, what shades of jewelry to wear and which lipstick colors to choose that work best with your skin tone.

Finding that complementary hue allows you to truly put your best face forward. It all starts with finding that perfect lip shade that's essentially meant for you, gorgeous! 

Read on to check out our guide to find the best lipstick colors for cool skin tones, so you can let your natural skin shine through in every makeup look.

Finding the Right Lipstick Shade for Skin With Cool Undertones

Pinpointing the right makeup to match your skin can be tough. Whether you have dark skin, light skin, or medium tan skin, noting the best colors to complement your natural beauty can take some trial and error. Besides just your skin tone, you also have to keep your undertones in mind. How can you tell if your skin's undertones index as a cool or warm color? Or, is there such a thing as having a neutral undertone? Before we dive into answering these questions, first things first...

What are Undertones?

Contrary to popular belief, skin tones and undertones are NOT the same things. So, what the heck are undertones and how can you find out what color you have? Whereas skin tone is usually measured on a spectrum characterized by shade, such as fair, light, medium, deep, undertones look to the underlying colors in your skin. For example, some people have more yellow undertones, while others may have neutral or blue undertones. You will have your answer with the simple flip of your wrist. You can tell if you have warm undertones when your veins appear more green in color, while blue or purplish hues mean you have cool undertones. To delve deeper into this discovery, swipe some color swatches on the inside of your wrist to see what different colors look like.

People with cool undertones usually have...

  • Veins on their wrist with blue or purple hues 
  • Black, brown or blonde hair color
  • Grey, green or blue eyes
  • A tendency to look better in silver as opposed to gold - especially warm gold 
  • A gravitation to wear whites, blues and grays

Lipstick for Cool Undertones

Do any of these sound familiar? Once you have identified your skin to have cool undertones, you will want to match them with the undertones of your lipstick. So, when applying lipstick, what are the best colors for cool-toned skin? Whether in search of a summer or winter lipstick, we’ve got you covered with products meant to complement your cool undertones.


If you have a lighter skin tone, try wearing a sheer, shiny lippie. A sheer berry shade is one of our faves for cooler undertones. You can amp up your lip’s natural tone while getting just enough berry color to really make a bold statement. We love all shades of pink on lighter skin tones. If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional, pink matte lipstick color, look no further than Pretty in Pink. Starting with a light brown base, this is the perfect wear-all-day lipstick featuring a deeply pigmented, color sensational formula. 


For all our tan-skinned ladies with cool undertones, we’ve got just the right lipstick for you. Sticking in the berry family, lipstick in the plum family was made for women with warm color hues. Make a statement with a sheer, shiny or matte plum lippie. When looking for a nude or natural lip color, simply grab one of our Mented favorites, Brand Nude. This deeply pigmented tan shade accentuates your cool undertones and won’t wash you out.


Medium skin tones with cool undertones are all about a burgundy red. A deep blue-based red adds intensity and drama along with that extra flair that makes your lips stand out. This maroon hue provides a contrasting way to make your pout pop. You can also opt for a slightly brighter shade of red. Enter, Red Rover: a red lipstick with blackberry undertones. Ultra-hydrating with a silky matte finish, you won’t regret swiping on this shade!


When you have a deep skin tone and cool undertones, your shade opportunities are endless. Don’t be afraid to go more bold with your color choices. Reach for a fuschia pink, a deep plum or even a fun poppy shade. Remember to stick to pinks and reds with blue undertones. These boldly pigmented lippies will contrast and pop against your cool skin. For a darker lip look, we recommend Brown Bare. You will get just the right amount of sun-kissed, soft brown color with the perfect amount of shine that complements deeper skin tones. 

The Mented Promise 

Here at Mented, we believe that every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty. That’s why we create products for all skin tones, hues and undertones. We have all been there: going to the makeup counter excited to find a product you'll love, but leaving disappointed because nothing is working on your skin. No matter your skin tone, you deserve to find products that make you shine, and Mented is here to help. 

Whichever shade of lipstick you reach for next, remember that any lip color you wear is ultimately your choice. Don’t feel like you have to stick to strict “rules” — at the end of the day, do whatever makes you feel confident and powerful in your own skin. So go ahead and explore our lip collection to find your new favorite lip shade now!

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