Mastering the Natural Matte Lipstick Look

Mastering the Natural Matte Lipstick Look

There is something so satisfying about a silky-smooth matte finish. Sure, liquid lip gloss and shiny finishes make for a simple, effortless look but there’s something about a natural matte lipstick that feels especially classy and polished. As a matter of fact, we love the soft matte lip look so much that our original nude lipsticks come in matte and semi-matte finishes.

We know you want to take your natural lip color to the next level with matte lipstick. However, we also know that matte lipstick is not always a low maintenance type of makeup, given its dry texture. Don’t let the characteristics of matte cosmetics hold you back because in reality, you can achieve the perfect natural matte lipstick look in just a few easy steps.

No longer are the days of dry and cakey, ultra matte lipstick. Luckily, today’s matte formulas are made of ingredients that allow the product to glide on like a liquid gloss, hydrate like a balm, and won’t settle into your lip lines. At Mented, this is the exact approach we took when we first sought out to develop the perfect lipstick for women of color

Of course, there are also a few tips and tricks you can practice in order to perfect how you wear a matte lip with our lipsticks. Keep reading to learn how to pick out the best nude matte lipstick and how to make it last all day long without drying out.

The Art Behind Perfecting the Natural Matte Lipstick Look

We love the understated beauty of a natural matte lipstick look. But mastering the style can be tricky. Makeup artistry is just as much of a science as it is an art, and there is a specific way to achieve the look that will have your lips looking polished and perfectly matte in no time. None of us have time for feathering or flaking… so just what does it take to get that soft matte lip look?

Exfoliate Before and After

Like with your skincare routine, remember to start with exfoliating! Exfoliating your lips is a key step before applying your natural matte lipstick. Dead skin is often what makes your lips look uneven after applying lipstick. We may not always see where the dry skin is located on the surface of our lips, so it’s critical that you use a lip exfoliant or polish frequently when wearing matte lipstick. This will ensure that any dryness is gone before swiping on your new lip color.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Tired of cracked and chapped lips? You might need to drink more water. When your body is dehydrated, it is more prone to dryness. Hydration is key when it comes to mastering the natural matte lipstick look. Aim to drink about eight glasses of water a day in order to make sure your skin is hydrated and to ultimately decrease your chance of dry lips.

Use a Lip Mask

If your lips are feeling extra dry, you can add a lip mask into your beauty routine to refresh and hydrate the skin. This will create an extra smooth canvas with every application. Overnight, your lips will receive major nourishment and hydration so your pout is prepared for your next occasion.

Prime Your Base

For best results, prep your lips with a hydrating lip primer. This will lock your natural matte lipstick in place and keep it from settling into any dry spots on your lips. Just like you want to apply face primer before foundation, lip primer gives your matte lipstick something to hang onto instead of falling into.


A little moisture never hurt anybody. Have Chapstick, Vaseline or your favorite lip balm ready before applying a color-rich lipstick. Shield your lips from cold weather and add extra moisture to your pout with a non-greasy balm. When you’re ready to reapply another layer of color, apply your lip balm first to keep the lips ultra-hydrated.

Line It Out

We can’t forget about one of the most important pieces of your natural lip color application process: lip liner. Is your worst fear the color fading out of your lip lines? Mented lip liner locks it all in you just have to remember to apply it before your matte lipstick. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough to outline each curve of your lips for flawless application. If you’re looking for an even more plump pout, you can color slightly outside the lines. It all depends on what lip shape you’re looking to create. After drawing the outside of your lips, apply liner inside for an even more intense matte nude look.

Apply Your Matte Lipstick

Now that your lips are all prepped and ready to go, it’s time to apply your favorite natural matte lipstick. Go ahead and choose a coordinating natural lip color. You can either apply straight from the tube or use a lip brush. Either way, do your best to apply with precision. Start applying from the top center of your lips, then slowly move to the outer edges.

Go for Seconds

What happens if you’re not fully satisfied with your color or you feel like it’s too transparent? Feel free to experiment with layering a second coat of lipstick on top. The catch here is you must apply your second coat almost immediately after your first coat before it begins to dry matte.

Conceal the Rest 

Is one side of your lip slightly thicker than the other? Do you see a small fleck of lipstick that is outside the lines? Instead of immediately starting over, there is one easy way you can fix any mistake. That’s where concealer comes in. No matter how precise your application, you are bound to have a few inconsistencies you’ll want to touch up with a concealer. Cover these problem areas in no time and move forward with a fabulous matte lip!

Blot ‘Em Out

The finishing touch on any matte lip look? Blot it out. You’ll want to avoid that instinct to smack your lips together to blend your lipstick. The entire purpose of blotting is to ensure your lipstick is evenly distributed on your lips which a simple lip smack usually will not achieve. We recommend pressing tissue paper after matte application against a closed, relaxed mouth for an extra-matte finish. 

Make It Last

Just as it’s important to prep your lips, it’s equally important to maintain your matte. After blotting lips, you will be set to go for the day. Be careful when you are eating not to smear your lipstick. Don’t be afraid to reapply when necessary. You can keep everything you need in your makeup bag for easy access if you need to touch up or apply another coat of natural lip color.

Take It Off

After a long day of rocking your natural matte lip look, you will want to remove it before heading off to bed. Use a textured makeup removing wipe to thoroughly remove your matte lipstick from your mouth.

Let Your Lips Rest

Don’t forget to give your lips a break every once and awhile. Even with a hydrating formula, matte lipstick can be drying on your lips. If you’re wearing natural matte lipstick several days a week, it’s a good idea to let them rest for a bit. We recommend wearing a matte lip no more than every other day, so your lips don’t get too dry. You can switch it up by using a lip gloss or another hydrating formula to bring more moisture back into your lips.

How to Pick the Perfect Natural Matte Lipstick

You can’t go wrong with any shade of our natural matte lipsticks. All Mented lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free and made in the USA. Plus, our long-lasting and hydrating formulas keep lips soft and hydrated. We promise it won’t ever dry out your lips. With a particularly creamy texture, Mented lipstick provides a full coverage, true matte lip in just one application. 

Pro Tip: You can create your perfect pout with our Matte Duos. Each duo comes with a Matte Lipstick and matching Lip Liner, so you will never have to worry about smudging. Our long-wearing lip liner glides easily across your lips for a natural-looking definition that actually lasts. Whether you are in search of the best matte lipstick shades for winter or summer seasons, you are in luck. 

Each of our makeup products is perfectly pigmented and developed with all skin tones in mind. This means we have a natural lip color for every shade. Use our Shade Finder to find out which is the best nude matte lipstick for cool undertones and warm undertones.

No matter if you are a makeup guru or you are new to the game, this guide will help you master the natural matte lipstick look in no time. Let your true beauty shine through with a defined nude matte lip that complements your unique skin tone! 

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