Review: Nude Lip Colors for WOC? Try Mented Cosmetics

Review: Nude Lip Colors for WOC? Try Mented Cosmetics

By Cici @cici_heranpark

There is a hole in the Beauty Industry for Brown and Deeper toned skin that is slowly but surely being filled.  I remember talking about this with an Aunt.  We talked about how the current standard “Nude” lipsticks cater to people with lighter complexions.  The baby pinks and light brownish beige colors are not as nude as they should appear when worn by women with darker skin tones.

I teamed up with Mented Cosmetics to bring you a “Nude Series!” I created six looks to go with all six nude lipsticks in the Capsule Collection.  Now usually, I do not reach for creamy matte shade lipsticks but these definitely changed how I felt about creamier formulas in a lipstick.  I prefer a more matte formula when wanting to wear a solid color but these are moisturizing and pigmented enough for me to make them my Go-To nudes. They look very natural and compliment me very well.

These lipsticks look great with every look I did.  Of course the darker shades stand out against my skin tone because I am a medium tan complexion. The lighter shades are very nude and are all I need on natural/neutral days.  What I love the most about the Capsule Collection is that it comes with a mixture of medium and dark browns with both cool and warm shades.

Each look below showcases each shade on my complexion.

From left top to bottom right. Dope Taupe, Foxy Brown, Nude Lala, Dark Night, Mented #5 and Pretty in Pink.

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