How To: Overall Blush

How To: Overall Blush

We are back with another installment of Tiny Tutorials, starring Blush! 

We love simplicity and the versatility of our Mented products! With versatility, you can use our products over various areas of the face! With that being said, we love using our Make You Blush blush collection as color for all over the face. We are going full on monochromatic honey! 

That’s right love, while our powder blushes look amazing on the cheekbones, they also look stunning on the lids! Use your fingers or a makeup brush to apply blush to your eyelids and blend out at the crease. Unsure of what shades are right for the eyes? Warm tones like apricot and terracotta are great as well as plum based colors for depth and dimension. 

We love the traditional application of blush to the cheekbones, but for an added youthful glow place that blush front and center. Grab a fluffy brush or our Loose Powder Brush and lightly dust that blush across the tip of your nose, giving you a youthful look that screams I just came in from the sun. 


Need the perfect lip color? Grab your favorite blush, and let’s get those lips looking right. Apply your favorite lip balm, or our Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment is a great choice. Once you’ve applied the lip balm, press the blush into your lips to create a subtle tint and now you’re good to go. Want some extra sheen on top? Grab your favorite gloss to take it up a notch. Our Gloss for Grown Ups Collection is a great option, wink wink. 


Don’t be afraid to embrace that flush, youthful glow is in the power of the blush!

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