How To: Use Setting Spray in Your Makeup Routine

How To: Use Setting Spray in Your Makeup Routine

The sun is high, temperatures are warm and  we are where? Outside! Brunch, dinner parties and drinks with the girls all need one important thing, a solid makeup look. While we love the summer season, temperatures like this put your perfectly beat face at risk of being ruined. No one likes to waste a moment of hard work, so how can we keep that gorgeous glam in place? 

Our newest secret weapon, Better Setter Setting Spray

What is Setting Spray 

Any good house requires a strong foundation, so let's get the basics out of the way. What is setting spray? Setting Spray is essentially what hairspray is for the face. The final step in your beauty routine, to lock that look into place. While designed to be used after you’ve applied all your products (foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter and shadow) we’ve found that implementing setting spray at various points in your routine can give you a truly better setter. 

If you’re an oily girl, setting spray is your new BFF. Your makeup won’t disappear at the end of the day and there will be no oil slick in sight. For our sensitive gworls, our Better Setter Setting Spray is alcohol free and features skin friendly ingredients like Vitamin C,  E and Coconut Water to keep your skin looking right, tight and hydrated. 

How To Use Setting Spray

Setting Spray is extremely simple, but there are some tips and tricks here and there to have your application looking like you’re a professional Makeup Artist. 

Shake the Bottle 

Why shake the bottle? No one wants their setting spray to come out in splotches and dots. Make sure to shake the bottle first to get the finest mist possible upon application. Plus, all the ingredients need to play nice for the perfect finish. When sitting, some ingredients may separate, so a strong shake will do that glam some good. 

Go the Distance 

You want to make sure that the spray hits every part of your face. Hold the bottle about six inches away from the face and spray in both an X and T formation. This allows you to cover every portion of your face with spray, covering every product that you need to set. Feel free to spot spray on any areas that need extra coverage. 

Let Dry 

Once you spray, don’t rush out the door or throw on your favorite outfit. Be sure to give your spray some time to dry and settle in before doing too much to avoid any smears. Grab a paper fan if you want to speed up the drying process and fan that face to the GAWDS HONEY! 

Tips and Tricks

If you need a little more of a super seal with your look, here’s some ticks and tricks to make sure that makeup looks sticks. 

Trick #1 

For the ultimate smudge-proof face, spray your foundation brush with setting spray. When applying your foundation you’re quite literally stamping setting spray into the foundation to keep it right in place. Your  makeup will not smudge, trust us. 

Trick #2

Do you ever feel like your eyeshadow isn’t giving the life it’s supposed to give? Try this instead: spritz your eyeshadow brush with a little setting spray and apply your pigment. This will intensify your shadow shade and keep it on longer.

Your makeup look deserves better. Better ingredients, better hold, a Better Setter Setting Spray! 


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