Foundation vs. Skin Tint: What's the Difference

Foundation vs. Skin Tint: What's the Difference

We are right in the middle of summer and you are giving us your best Hot Girl. While letting your inner Hot Girl out is no easy feat, looking like on certainly doesn’t have to be. Temperatures are lit and so is your social calendar, the question is are we putting on  a full face of foundation in this heat. Enter skin tints, the perfect middle ground for the girlies who want an even tone with a weightless tone. Confused by the difference between the two? Don’t worry, we are here to break it all down for you! 


  • The major difference between foundation and skin tints is the coverage. Traditionally, a foundation will do a much better job at hiding any imperfections and covering areas of concern
  • Often foundations come in a variety of formulations for different skin types and seasons. For example matte, soft matte, dewy and full coverage
  • Foundation, due to its thicker consistency, requires more in the application process. Because of this, it can be applied with a variety of tools like a puff, sponge, brush or even your hands 

Skin Tints 

  • Skin Tints are essentially weightless and offer limited to sheer coverage of imperfections. These are great to provide an even skin tone while adding moisture through a light, hydrating and dewy finish
  • Due to the lighter consistency, a brush while it could be used for application isn’t required. Feel free to apply it with your hands

Love the benefits of a skin tint, but only have foundation on hand? There are multiple ways to turn your favorite foundation, including our Skin by Mented Foundation stick into a skin tint. 

Step 1: Take the foundation stick and warm it up on the back of your hand 

Step 2: Once warm place a good amount of foundation onto the hand and in your favorite moisturizer until you reach a consistency that you’re happy with 

Step 3: Grab your foundation brush or hands to apply your skin tint 

Step 4: Apply powder if needed, our Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder is the perfect lightweight companion 

Step 5: Rock your skin tint with confidence

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