#GoNude with GlamByRuna

#GoNude with GlamByRuna

With 100K followers across her social media channels Bangladeshi-American beauty influencer GlambyRuna captivates her audience with her bold looks and personality. Watch as she tries our 2x sold out Everyday Eyeshadow Palette and read below to see her answer juicy questions on her relationship with the beauty world.

What’s your process and/or inspiration when creating interesting YouTube videos?

I love creating content that my audience wants to see. It's so important for me to create engaging content for my community, because we're like a family and they trust that I will create content that they want to see. I do this because it's important to engage with my followers to keep a trusting relationship with them. I find that hosting polls in my IG stories is a fantastic way to get to know what my community wants. I also love to explore the newest trends and products released by brands. Introducing my community to new brands and products is important to my followers; I think that's why my engagement is so high! On my YouTube channel I try to focus on showing brands that promote universal beauty and skipping the one size fits all mentality.

What sparked your passion for beauty?

As a young girl I was just fascinated by makeup. I would watch my mom apply lipstick in various colors. I remember her always wearing a pretty wine color on her lips. My mom would be so bright and happy all day. It was like the lipstick changed her mood and boosted her confidence. The way makeup makes many people feel confident has made me passionate about makeup.

What are your thoughts on South Asian representation in the beauty world?

I definitely do see more representation of the South Asian woman in the beauty world. However, I still feel like there's a lack of representation. I also feel South Asian beauty is not portrayed in a realistic way, as many beauty brands do not showcase the diverse skin tones and faces of the South Asian community. There is definitely a disconnect between the beauty world and the real world, but I also think there is beauty in that. I just wished brands shared both sides of it, and not just the perfectly photoshopped looks.

Runa creates stunning bold looks, how does she connect and use Mented, an everyday beauty brand?

When I was introduced to Mented Cosmetics I was so impressed with the fact that the business was founded on the idea that every skin tone should have the perfect nude lipstick. There can't be just one nude lipstick for all skin tones. Funny thing is I am always looking for the perfect nude. I find that they are so hard to come by, that is until I tried the Nude La La lipstick and Peach Please lipstick. These two colors look amazing on me! I love that Mented has a variety of nudes for a diverse array of skin tones, there are everyday nudes and bold nudes, the options are endless. Not only that, the quality of their products are amazing! The Everyday Eyeshadow Palette is now my go-to because the matte shades show up so well on my skin. With Mented Cosmetics, I really feel included in beauty.

Runa's wearing our Send Nudes gloss

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