The Camara Technique

The Camara Technique

If you don't follow celebrity MUA Camara Aunique on IG and Twitter, you're missing out! She's known for slaying the faces of some of our favorite celebs from Chloe x Halle, Niecy Nash, Angela Basset, and more.

We recently took a spin at a technique Camara taught us by using our lipsticks in 4 ways on the face in this video. Read below to get quick tips on how to execute this technique effortlessly using your favorite Mented lipsticks! 

How did you develop the Camara lipstick technique?

I started using lipstick to complete my makeup looks for a while now, I always think of unique ways to incorporate the products we already own.

How should one choose their contour shade?  

Soft contour is always better the harsh contouring look is no longer in trend so choosing a color one or two shades darker may best. 

How should one choose their blush shade? What would you recommend from the Mented collection? 

Peach tones always work well on women of color even our chocolate girls my favorite colors to use as blush is Peach Please and Pretty in Pink.

When it comes to eyeshadow with a lipstick, is it about using one shade or still providing a separate base and crease color?

When using a gloss or lipstick as your shadow try any color and blend! I won’t recommend using it in the crease. Apply a powder first then apply the lipstick and gloss on top 

The number one question we're asked is how do I find my perfect nude lipstick. How do you advise clients on finding their perfect everyday shade? 

Finding the right nude is wearing the color you feel best in. If brown tones make you feel beautiful wear it proud. Testing the colors on your forearm helps you see which would work best with your skin tone. 

What inspires you as a artist to continue to find new ways to use makeup?

I’m always looking for new unique ways to fall in love with the makeup I already own, I also push my clients to use the products in their makeup bags and think think of other ways you can use it to benefit you. 

Want to keep up with Camara? Check out her website and watch her slay faces on IG


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