Sangria Liquid Lipstick: What's Your Recipe

Sangria Liquid Lipstick: What's Your Recipe

We said what we said love, don’t like tequila? Try sippin’ on some sangria, our Sangria Liquid Lipstick Collection that is! Each one of our liquid lipsticks are perfect for a particular personality, and it's time for you to find out which lippie is in love with you! First things first, what color are you looking for? 

Peachy Keen - Deep Peach 

Hot Date - Chocolate Reddish Brown 

Plum On Over - Muted Purple 

Blood Orange - Brick Orange 

Blacker the Berry - Raspberry Red 

Now it’s time for you to choose your vibe! Are we a flirtatious fiend? Fierce and formidable? Slayin’ and sassy? Choosing to chill or sultry and sexy. Once you’ve chosen your vibe, pick your sangria base of white wine, rose or both. Select your bougie base, and luscious liquid lip and BAM! You’ll find your sangria vibe!

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