What To Do With Mom This Mother's Day

What To Do With Mom This Mother's Day

The time to celebrate your mom is here! If you’ve run out of ideas on how to show your Mom tons of love during her Mother’s Day Celebration, you came to the right place!

Mama Makeover 

You have to start the day with her looking FLY! With that in mind, give her the goods to look ‘goodt’, with a T at the end! Pull out that makeup bag, roll her out to the nail salon and give her a Mama Makeover! Make sure those brows are arched, nails are done and her makeup is on point so she can enjoy her day on gorgeous! 

Spa Day 

We know it’s hard out here being a Mom and a little rest and relaxation is well deserved! You know what that means! Grab her and go for a little spa day fun! Who doesn’t love a little pampering here and there? Looks like a seaweed wrap, facial or massage is on the menu for this Mom! 

Picnic in the Park

On Mother’s Day we are catering to the Mamas in our lives all day long! Why not take a break and give her a little Mother’s Day picnic! Grab her favorite foods, drink, and of course her favorite dessert! Pack it up and take her out for a little lunch in the park! Pro Tip: if you live by the beach, maybe try a meal with Mom down by the water!

Chill Day In

Your Mom is definitely always on the go, and she may want to just vibe with her tribe this Mother’s Day. If that’s you and your Mom, prepare to enjoy a Mama’s Day in! Amazon Prime her favorite movies, grab her most loved snacks and have her Uber Eats order ready and waiting. Grab your fluffiest blankets, most comfortable pillows and get comfy! Don’t forget to dim the lights, Movie Day with Mom is about to start! 

Virtual Hang Out

Just in case your Mom is a little further away than you like, grab some goodies, get on Zoom and send love on Mother’s Day the virtual way! Try some online games to really get the fun flowing! Laughter is medicine for the heart! So shower your Mom in goodies, giggles, gifts and gigabytes this Mother’s Day!

No matter what you chose to do to celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day, let her know she is loved! To all the Moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! 


Love the Mented Fam

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