Summer Collection GIFT GUIDE

L10 - Fair with neutral undertonesL20 - Light with cool undertonesL30 - Light with neutral undertonesL40 - Light tan with warm undertonesT10 - Light tan with neutral undertonesT20 - Tan with cool undertonesT30 - Tan to medium with warm undertonesT40 - Deep tan with warm undertonesM10 - Medium with warm undertonesM20 - Medium brown with neutral undertonesM30 - Medium deep with warm undertonesM40 - Medium deep with cool undertonesD10 - Rich brown with warm undertonesD20 - Rich brown with red undertonesD30 - Deep with cool undertonesD40 - Deep with neutral undertones
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Nude Nail CollectionPinkishYes We TanBrown & Bougie
383 reviews
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Light/Tan Medium/DeepDeep/Rich
342 reviews
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Beach Bum - Light BronzerVacay - Medium BronzerYacht Life - Deep BronzerOut of Office - Rich Bronzer


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