Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Pinky PromisePeach for the StarsBerried AwayClay Too Much


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nude nail collectionPinkishYes We TanBrown & Bougie
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Peach Please Semi DuoPretty in Pink Semi DuoNude LaLa Semi DuoBrand Nude Semi DuoDope Taupe Semi DuoBrown Bare Semi DuoFoxy Brown Semi DuoMented #5 Semi DuoDark Night Semi Duo
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Peach Please Matte Lipstick DuoNude LaLa Matte Lipstick DuoBrand Nude Matte Lipstick DuoDope Taupe Matte Lipstick DuoMented #5 Matte Lipstick Duo
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Matte Duos

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L10 - Fair with neutral undertonesL20 - Light with cool undertonesL30 - Light with neutral undertonesL40 - Light tan with warm undertonesT10 - Light tan with neutral undertonesT20 - Tan with cool undertonesT30 - Tan to medium with warm undertonesT40 - Deep tan with warm undertonesM10 - Medium with warm undertonesM20 - Medium brown with neutral undertonesM30 - Medium deep with warm undertonesM40 - Medium deep with cool undertonesD10 - Rich brown with warm undertonesD20 - Rich brown with red undertonesD30 - Deep with cool undertonesD40 - Deep with neutral undertones
1243 reviews
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Light/Tan DuoMedium/Deep DuoDeep/Rich Duo
162 reviews
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Brow You Know - light brownBrow Or Later - medium brownBrow Down - deep brownTake A Brow - black brown
714 reviews
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Plum On Over - muted purple brownPeachy Keen - warm peach blendHot Date - soft chocolate brownBlood Orange - vibrant red orangeBlacker the Berry - deep crimson
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