What's In Our Mented Makeup Bags?

What's In Our Mented Makeup Bags?

As the Founders of Mented Amanda Johnson (left) and KJ Miller (right) have been asked countless of times what their favorite beauty products are! Check out what beauty products they keep in their Mented Makeup Bag at all times!

1. What is your Holy Grail beauty product?

I can’t live without Dope Taupe lipstick. It is my perfect nude, the one I’ve been looking for my entire life. It always completes my look. - AJ

The one thing I absolutely cannot live without (besides the perfect nude lip, obvi) is my eyebrow pencil. My eyebrows are sooo thin, and in some places completely bald, so I HAVE to fill them in every morning. And my go-to brand is KISS Top Brow - it’s super affordable and has an extra-fine tip for precision. - KJ

2. Which Mented products live in your bag?

First and foremost I carry my Mented mirror. I always carry at least two lipsticks; my perfect nude Dope Taupe and a darker brown like Foxy Brown. And I must must bring Send Nudes lip gloss for those times where you want a nude little shine. - AJ

ALL OF THEM. I’m currently obsessed with our eyeshadow palette (Redbone is my fave shade), and I love doing an ultra nude lip with Brand Nude and a touch of Send Nudes on top. - KJ

3. Which skin-care product do you keep on-hand?

I’m an oil monster, so I always carry blotting papers. - AJ

Amanda has turned me into a skincare junkie, and now I can’t live without my vitamin-c serum and my night oil. - KJ

4. Light, Medium, or Full-coverage foundation?

I prefer to build up lighter coverage foundation so I can achieve different looks for different occasions. - AJ

Medium most days, full when I’m going glam. - KJ

5. Do you switch up the products in your bag by season? If so, which products and why?

Absolutely! Seasonality for both skincare and makeup is key. In the summer I rock lighter colors and SPF. In the winter I need more moisture and I prefer a darker hue. - AJ

The biggest change for me comes in summer, because everything has to lighten up (Manhattan in the summer is disgusting). I opt for lighter coverage foundation or I skip the foundation altogether and just do concealer, I do way less in terms of blush and shadow, and you couldn’t find me with a contour if you’re life depended on it - it’s just too much product for those hot summer days! But the one constant is the perfect nude lip - it works in every season :-) - KJ

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