What Is the Best Foundation to Wear in the Summer?

What Is the Best Foundation to Wear in the Summer?

As the summer sun blares down and temperatures shoot up, it’s time to transition to soft makeup looks and toned-down foundation. Heavy foundation isn’t sweat-proof and easily slides off your face this sticky time of year due to heat and humidity. The best foundation for summer humidity will depend on your skin type and desired level of coverage. Fortunately, you’ve got lots of alternatives to your regular foundation routine. Below, we’ll take you through our best advice for makeup for women of color, including each of your options for the best foundation to wear in summer.

Option 1: Light Foundation Tricks

If you aren’t ready to let your foundation stick collect dust in the summer, the alternative to your regular, full-coverage foundation routine is simply going lighter with your foundation coverage. There are three ways to do this:

  1. The easy approach in how to wear foundation in the summer is simply applying less of it. Mented makes buildable foundation sticks just for this purpose, so you can ramp up or dial down your coverage based on the temperature and the coverage you need. 
  2. For a lighter approach, apply the foundation with a dampened sponge or brush. Spray some water onto your sponge or brush, rather than drenching it under the faucet, for smooth and even application.
  3. The sheerest foundation coverage involves diluting your foundation with moisturizer. Simply mix the foundation on your hand or in a small jar with your favorite moisturizer. Try a moisturizer with SPF for extra protection against the sun’s UV rays. 

Even ultra-lightweight foundation coverage can slip off in excessive temperatures. How to wear foundation in the summer like a pro means primer before foundation and then a setting powder or setting spray after foundation. 

Setting powders and sprays are similar products in that they are designed to keep your foundation in place. However, they differ in that sprays set all of your makeup, while setting powders mostly set your foundation. Powders also absorb oils, so they are preferred for women with oily skin. 

Of course, the surest way to keep your foundation in place is to double up, using both a setting spray and powder. Spray the setting spray after foundation application, dust on setting powder, and then spray once more for a seamless, dewy glow. This is the best defense against the worst the heat can throw at you. 

Option 2: Foundation for Sun-Kissed Skin

It’s likely your skin will be a shade or two darker in the summer. Even without a beach vacation, your skin will pick up the summer’s strong UV rays just from walking around town, potentially deepening your pigmentation. Since foundation should match your skin tone as closely as possible in order to provide you with an even complexion, it goes without saying that you’ll probably need a darker foundation color in summer to align with your sun-kissed skin. 

Mented’s shade finder makes it easy to identify your best shade of makeup for tan skin. This matrix lists our foundation shades according to their depth of color. So, find the foundation shade you normally wear and choose a shade or two darker in order to find your summer shade. As when testing any shade of foundation, you’ll want to swatch the color near your jawline where there is typically no discoloration and your skin’s true pigmentation shines through.

Option 3: Foundation-Free

You might find that the best foundation for summer humidity is none at all - au naturel summer skin is always in! However, that doesn’t mean that your imperfections have to take center stage. Grab your concealer - the Mented foundation stick is perfect as a concealer for women of color of all skin tones - and dot it under your eyes and over any flaws for which you want stronger coverage. Blend in well, preferably with a brush. Set it with a touch of powder or setting spray. Bring a little color to your face with bronzer and blush to make your skin really glow. Maybe dab mascara on your lashes and blot a nude color on your lips, and in less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a breezy summer makeup look. 

If you’re tempted to go foundation-free, but aren’t ready, consider that foundation is used to cover-up what you don’t want others to see. Therefore, confidently going sans foundation means stepping up your skincare routine to get your best skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and moisturize your skin regularly. Consistently executing the ideal skincare routine is a challenge for sure, but the benefits become visible quickly. 

The Best Summer Foundation for You

Ultimately, the best summer foundation is the one you feel most confident wearing. Mented is all about giving women with all different skin types confidence in their everyday beauty look. From makeup guides like this to our vacation makeup tips, and with our high-quality products made by and for women of color, we’re here to help you look and feel your most beautiful.

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