From the Experts: Vacation Makeup Tips

From the Experts: Vacation Makeup Tips

You’ve got a long-awaited, well-earned vacation around the corner. Pre-vacation jitters are setting in as you line up everything at work, shop for the perfect outfits and coordinate who will collect your mail. You’re optimizing packing, selecting clothes, shoes, and accessories - but wait. What makeup to take on vacation? This question is often unasked until the last second when your suitcase is nearly full. 

Luckily, we are making your vacation prep list easier with Mented’s top vacation makeup tips below. We cover everything from our expertise in makeup for women of color, including what makeup items to bring on vacation, ways to avoid dreaded cosmetic spills in your luggage, and how to look your freshest while out of town.

Less Is More

When traveling, space in your luggage is a prized possession. Make the most of your limited space by planning your makeup looks in advance. Consider what you’ll be wearing, and more importantly, where you’re going. A holiday on a hot Carribean beach will mean light, bright colors, while a fall weekend in Paris means packing richer hues like burgundies and browns. 

Also, vacation is not the time to test new products. Choose your most trusted cosmetics in your favorite shades. Pack your concealer for any on-the-go touch-ups (hint: Mented makes a concealer for women of color in multiple shades to match your skin tone). Another no brainer should be your go-to Mented nude lipstick - the one that looks sensational on you in any season - should definitely be dropped into your makeup bag. The same goes for your favorite eyeshadow palette. In fact, shadow palettes are perfect for travel for the simple reason they give you several looks in one conveniently compact package. 

A less-is-more makeup bag might include your favorite foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow palette, mascara, and a lipstick or two. Get ahead by finding the best foundation for summer humidity and a go-to routine that is easy to apply in minutes. Don’t bother packing that turquoise mascara or fuchsia eyeliner you’ve been eyeing for a minute. Bring what you need, what you know and what you love.

Get Lippy

If you are going to bring one item that is not an everyday favorite makeup product, we’d suggest a bold lip color. Here’s why:

  1. You’re likely wearing less makeup while on vacation, especially if you’re someplace hot and humid. A bold lip brings color to your otherwise unadorned face. But remember, statement-making lips are best pulled off with a highly-pigmented, anti-smudge matte lip color. In summer when other lipstick types tend to smear, matte is your best option. 
  2. You can turn bright lipstick into a multi-tasker. Dab a little on your cheeks or eyelids and blend to brighten up your entire face. 

Mented makes a few bold lipstick colors, perfect for statement-making lips. Check out our Dark Knight Matte, a lovely combination of brown and red, or our Mented #5, a sensational mix of purple and brown. Alternatively, if you want to go red - the time-honored shade for statement-making lips - Mented makes three red lipstick shades to complement different types of undertones: warm, cool and deeper berry.

We also have a lipstick warning for ladies traveling to warm locales: remember lipstick will melt if forgotten under a beach blanket or left sunning in a poolside tote. Lip gloss, on the other hand, is melt-proof. Consider bringing a tube of lip gloss to help you travel mess-free under even the hottest of suns.

Bottle Beware

Here’s a story you might recognize. 

You’ve traveled all day. It’s hot; you’re sweaty. You checked into your place. You’re walking into your room - oh, it’s nicer than the pictures! You’re unloading your bag, settling in, about to really get this vacation started.

Oh, wait. Something broke in the cosmetics bag. It’s gotten on other products. There’s even some gunk on your clothes. 

Not exactly a trip-ruining scenario, but it sure is annoying. A bit of advice learned the hard way: pack your cosmetics properly. If there were ever vacation makeup packing tips to avoid spills, they would be:

  1. Get leak-proof bottles. There are quite a few cosmetic bottles for traveling that claim to be leak-proof. Do yourself a favor and make sure that is the case. Read up on them before buying. Some people find the flip lid design works fine, but tops that screw on tend to stand-up better to juggling luggage. 
  2. Put bottles with liquids and creams into a sealed bag so that if something does happen to spill, it doesn’t spread to everything else. You can use a throw-away sandwich bag from your kitchen or a reusable silicone bag. 

Hydrate & Hydrate Some More

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, dehydration is an unavoidable part of travel. Plane rides are the worst when it comes to dehydration since flyers are exposed to dry, recycled air their entire journey. Dehydration undermines your health, opening you up to getting sick or injured. Plus, as you’re likely aware, dehydration is not good for your skin, increasing the visibility of fine lines, throwing off your coloring and making your skin appear less vibrant. Beat dehydrated skin and attain your best vacation glow by doing the following:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Use a facial moisturizer
  3. Regularly apply lip balm
  4. Bring a hydrating facial mist

Be sure to carry all hydrating items with you while traveling - that means in your purse or carry-on if flying. This way you can reapply while on the go and keep your skin hydrated. Also, if the airline loses your luggage, you won’t have to endure dry skin until they reunite you with your bag. 

Pro Tip: Bring any essentials in your carry-on, especially those you can’t easily buy. This means a facial cleanser, the hydrating gear listed above, and makeup essentials like foundation. If you are the victim of lost luggage, you can usually grab a toothbrush no problem, but good luck finding a foundation or concealer shade at an airport shop you love as much as your trusted Mented sticks! 

Now Go Have Fun!

Mented is happy to share our best vacation makeup tips so you have one less thing to worry about when traveling. To complement our makeup guides, we have multiple collections of exceptional makeup products for women of color, designed to help you feel beautiful and confident in every season! 

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