Top Five Ways to Celebrate Women's Month At Work

Top Five Ways to Celebrate Women's Month At Work

It’s Women's History Month, so that means it’s time to celebrate your female work sister circle! Know why this month is important? Here are five ways to spread the knowledge and encourage conversation about Women’s History Month!  

  1. Celebrate Women on Social Media

Post a female-owned business or show love to some female bosses. Show appreciation to all the powerful women sitting beside you and all of the women who came before. Everyone has had a hand in pushing Women's Rights forward!

  • Share quotes and inspirational content to motivate the woman around you

  • Post the articles published by women that uplift women

  • Repost content to promote women owned businesses

  • Post an inspirational female figure

  1. Get Involved and Partner with Organizations That Support & Uplift Women

What is a better way to celebrate Women’s History Month - Giving Back! Here are some great organizations you can donate to or give your time through volunteer work. 

  1. Wear Purple!

Did you know purple is the color used internationally to symbolize women? Wearing purple during March is an effortless way to showcase your support for women, and our history!

  • Make some purple shirts

  • Hand out some purple knick knacks

  • Give out purple bracelets to your team

  1. Create A Family-Friendly Work-Life Balance Schedule

Women often strive to find equilibrium in regard to achieving the perfect amount of work/life balance. Whether a mother or a woman without children, it can be difficult to achieve said balance with the levels of stress that many women are under. How can we combat this? Make mental health a priority in the workplace! 

  • Have check-ins with your team to understand how they are handling their workload both mentality and physically

  • Review your maternity/paternity leave within your workplace

  • Check, maintain and create guidelines geared towards bettering both genders when it comes to a possible at home work life

5. Listen to Innovation

Host female guest speakers, be a female guest speaker or  listen to podcasts and webinars focused on uplifting women. 

  • Listen to a TED talk or podcast focused on a female boss or founder

  • Talk to the woman in power surrounding you

  • Schedule workshops designed to better understand and reduce both intential and unititental gender bias


6. To All My Ladies! Write down how much you appreciate yourself!

As a poet once put it, “To all the ladies in the place with style and grace” you deserve to love yourself. Sometimes life gets in the way of us remembering we are amazingly strong women. We deserve to take a moment and acknowledge it. 


  • Tell yourself you love yourself

  • Write down past goals and accomplishments 

  • Set new short term and long term goals  

  • Start a hobby 

  • Freestyle and write a few things about why you love yourself

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