How To: Halo Eye

How To: Halo Eye

Drumroll, please! Welcome to Tiny Tutorials! Everyone is short on time these days and sometimes you’re in need of a makeup look and you don’t have time to filter through all the blog posts you find. So we created Tiny Tutorials to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Tiny tutorials that are straight to the point. Ever wanted to try the perfect halo eye look? Now’s your chance. Grab your Everynight Eyeshadow Palette and let’s get this show on the road! 

  • Start with Philly as a transition shade and work it all over the lid.
  • Next, take Atlanta, a matte red-brown, and blend it deep into the crease smoking out both matte shades.
  • Place Miami, a metallic peachy gold, on the inner half of the eyelid and marry it with Las Vegas, a metallic cranberry red, towards the center and outer half of the lid. 
  • Dip your blending brush into Atlanta again and blend out any harsh edges, focusing on the outer crease to add dimension to your eyes. 
  • To add a little sexiness to the look, take a pencil brush dipped in Philly and Atlanta and smoke out the outer corner of your lower lash line. 
  • To brighten the inner corner, stamp a little bit of Houston in the tear duct area.
  • Finally, add lashes and/or mascara and you’re ready to finish the look with a bold lip! 

If you recreate this look, we’d love if you share and tag us on social @MentedCosmetics!

The Final Look:

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