Top 5 Mascara Tips Part Two

Top 5 Mascara Tips Part Two

Tip #6: Hold the Wand Vertically for Your Lower Lash Line 

It can be a struggle to really get into those tiny lashes, especially along your lower lash line without any smudges. Try applying with your wand upright, and gently press it into the lower lash line. Keeping you smudge free and lashes on full length.

Tip #7: Bend Your Wand 

Looking for a pro tip from the MUA streets? Gently bend your wand so the brush is horizontal and parallel to your lashes. With the new shape, application should be much easier and you can maneuver the wand into the hard to reach corners of your lashes. 

Tip #8: Wiggle it Through

When applying mascara correctly, look up and place the wand at the base of your upper lashes. Wiggle the wand back and forth, while pulling through your lashes from root to tip. Make sure to coat all of your lashes as you move the wand slowly to avoid any lumps, clumps or smudges. 

Tip #9: Grab a Business Card

The dreaded mascara smudge on your upper eyelid is something serious after you’ve completed an entire makeup look. Want to save yourself the trouble? Grab a business card and place it behind your lashes while you apply your mascara. This will keep your eyelids smudge-free with your shadow intact. 

Tip #10: Let the Smudge Sit 

Make a mistake? Trust us, it happens all the time. But when it comes to mascara don’t be too quick to wipe it away. Let the smudge dry first, then grab a Q-tip and wipe across any areas with mistakes. 

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