Guide to Every Mascara Type

Guide to Every Mascara Type

The pinnacle of every makeup look is the lashes! While we love falsies and lash extensions you don’t have to grab your glue or visit your fave lash girl every two weeks for a fill, to get the lash look of your dreams. All you really need is the right mascara for YOU. That may sound easier said than done with all the different formulas, wand shapes and detachable fibers housed in a tube. 

Here’s a rundown of each type of mascara for any of your lash needs! 

Traditional Mascara

Best For: Anyone 

We love an oldy but a goodie. The traditional mascara is a well-rounded GWORL that meets all your mascara needs. This mascara does it all by giving length and volume to lashes while maintaining a curl. If this type of mascara doesn’t work for you, your lashes may have some specific needs. 

Volumizing Mascara 

Best For: Thin, sparse lashes 

Want your lashes to look extra thiccc? Volumizing mascara is right up your alley. This mascara darkens and curls your lashes, giving you Meryl Streep level drama! Keep in mind though, volumizing mascaras can occasionally clump together  leading to spider lashes. These formulas are often heavier and can cause lashes to lose their curl due to the weight of the formula. 

Lengthening Mascara 

Best For: Short lashes

While most mascaras focus on both length and volume, there are some that only focus on giving you all the length that you need. If you constantly have to deal with clumping then lengthening mascara is the way for you to go. This mascara is more likely to hold a curl since it doesn’t have the weight of a volumizing mascara. These wands tend to have tiny bristles on the brush, so the mascara can fully coat each lash with zero clumping. Our newest product, Long Live the Lash Mascara has the lengthening power that you need. 

Fiber Mascara 

Best For: Short, thin and sparse lashes

Fiber mascara? More like a mascara game changer. When fiber mascara came on the scene, the girls were shook. Regular mascara formulas were given an extra push in that now you could add a synthetic fiber to the ends of your lashes for volume and length that rival falsies. If you’re a falsie lover, but are looking to retire your glue, fiber mascara can give you an extension that you’re in the mood for. 

Curling Mascara 

Best For: Stick, straight lashes 

Do you have lashes that stick straight out? Why you might not have to deal with the upper eyelid mascara smudges, that so often come from a long day of wearing mascara, you do struggle with getting your lashes to swoop up effortlessly in a gorgeous curl. Curling mascaras with their curved brushes are created with a lifting formula to help your lashes get up, stay up and reach new heights. 

Waterproof Mascara 

Best For: Watery eyes, allergies, long nights out

Always sneezing, rubbing/itching or just like your mascara to not budge? Waterproof is for you. Whatever the scenario, waterproof mascara keeps your lashes smudge proof. Pro Tip: when it comes to waterproof, apply a non-waterproof mascara first then follow up with a waterproof formula. This will make the removal process a lot easier, since the waterproof portion isn’t touching your actual lashes.

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