The Everyday Lash Launch: Lashes Made Simple

The Everyday Lash Launch: Lashes Made Simple

It’s a holiday surprise! Our newest launch is The Everyday Eyelash. If you have trouble with traditional false lashes, we’ve created these lashes just for you!

Applying false lashes can be hard to master and not to mention time-consuming. Mented Cosmetics aims to make amazing makeup looks simple for beginners, and that includes false lashes. 

This is our first time EVER launching a new product during the holidays (or should we say just in time for those holiday parties?)! 

What Makes The Everyday Eyelash Different?

Lash Set

When you purchase The Everyday Eyelash Set, it comes with our new Grip Lash Adhesive Liner. Yes, you heard that right, liner. 

Traditional lash glue is difficult to work with, can easily become a mess, and for lack of a better term, be annoying. You can set those frustrations aside with the Grip Lash Adhesive Liner. Perfect for beginners and masters alike, this easy-to-use, 2-in-1 product that doubles as black eyeliner and lash glue will be perfect in helping you get the everyday Mented look!

The lash glue is in an easy to use pen format. If you can apply eyeliner, you can become a lash expert with this kit! The liner is long-wearing, smudge-proof, and grips to your false lashes for all-day wear. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how traditional glue builds up on your false lashes which leads to excessive cleaning and a shorter lifespan for the lashes.

Lash Before and After

Looking for a subtle way to make a big impact? Complete your holiday glam with our brand-new Everyday Eyelash! Perfect for every day or a big night out, you’ll love how these silky soft strip lashes look natural and how they add just the right amount of drama. Pair them with our Grip Lash Adhesive Liner for effortless application! 

  • Soft lashes with a black band
  • Pairs well with the Grip Lash Adhesive Liner
  • Can we worn up to 30 times

KJ’s Take on The Everyday Eyelash Set

KJ’s Top Tips

  • Point down and shake to get all the product at the tip of the pen
  • You can make the liner as thick or thin as you want
  • Use tweezers (for precise application) or your fingers to apply
  • Apply in the center first, then lay down the edges
  • Hold and count to 4 for the liner to secure the lash in place 
  • Cut off around a millimeter of the lash as necessary to fit your natural eye shape

The Everyday Eyelash Set - $25 

Lash Set

The Everyday Eyelash - $12

The Everyday Eyelash

The Grip Lash Adhesive Liner - $15

Grip Lash Adhesive Liner

We’re beyond excited to be able to deliver you the best in beauty, and we can’t wait for you to try these new lashes for yourself. Simple and effortless. You’ll thank us later!

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