How to: Mented Approved Holiday Party Looks

How to: Mented Approved Holiday Party Looks

The holiday season is FINALLY here, and in full swing! 

Need some glam inspo for this season’s fabulous holiday party? 

Slay the party away with Mented’s guide to the perfect holiday look! Creating a flawless holiday look can be tricky - but don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you look- and feel- your best. Whether it's a simple holiday-inspired glam, or a full on LEWK, these products will make it easy for day or night. To complete this look for a muted daytime occasion, use a lighter amount of product when applying your makeup! To create a more glamorous night-time look, use a more generous amount of product to get that perfect full face! 

Don’t be shy! Spread your gorgeous look with your friends and family this holiday season.

So, feel all the holiday vibes, and let’s get started! 

Holiday Base 101: 

  • Starting with the BASEics - prep the skin with the Perfect Prime Primer, and pat it into the skin using the Foundation Brush. This will help keep the makeup in place while you party the holiday night away.  
  • Following primer, even out the skin with the Skin by Mented foundation stick, used in the shade L10. Melt the product into the skin starting from the center and blending outwards using the Foundation Brush. 
  • Add our Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment to prep the lips for later-added holiday pop! 
  • To give the face dimension, use Skin by Mented 2-3 shades darker than your foundation shade, and lightly contour the cheeks. To blend, use the Angle Cheek Brush with upward motions to emphasize the cheekbones. To add extra dimension to the face, apply the contour on your forehead, around the temples.
  • Lock the base in place with the Better Setter Setting Spray. This will add some moisture to the skin, and keep the face set all party long. Spray all over the face for an overall glow, or use on a beauty sponge to tap into desired areas. 
  • Finish off the base with the Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder, used in the shade Light/Tan. Tap the product into the skin on the high points of the using the Loose Powder Brush. 

Holiday Cheeks 101: 

  • Set the perfect contour with our Sunkissed Bronzer, used in the shade Vacay. Using the Loose Powder Brush, tap off excess product and drag the bronzer over the cream contour on the cheeks and forehead - these are the areas where the sun would naturally warm the face. 
  • Now let’s add some holiday color and glow to the look! Using the Make You Blush, in this look the shade Peach for the Stars, add to the cheek. For a more lifted and snatched look, place the blush on the tops of the cheekbones and lightly drag up to the temples. 
  • Pro Tip: Apply the blush across the bridge of the nose to make a more natural and sunkissed look! 

Holiday Eyes 101: 

  • Start by applying a neutral brown shade to the crease of the eyelid to help make the eyeshadows blend together. Using the matte chocolate shade in the color Houston from Everynight Eyeshadow Palette, apply to the eye. Next, apply the shade Philly, a matte warm beige, to the eyelid to help transition the colors. 
  • To add a holiday flare, use a shimmery shade, Las Vegas, for the top of the lid. Apply in the center of the lid to draw extra attention and light to the eye. This perfect cranberry shimmer will pull the entire holiday look together! 
  • For an additional shimmery addition, place the shade Chicago, a shimmery champagne, to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Using the Long Live the Lash Mascara, volumize and lengthen the lashes to perfect this holiday glam.
  • Finish up the eyes with the perfect brow! Using the High Brow Precision Pencil, applied in this look with the shade Brow or Later - a medium brown, shape out the brow with the brush end. To enhance the natural shape of the brow and fill- in any patches, sculpt with the pencil end. This will give the best natural look! 

On to the step that completes the entire look - the lips! 

Holiday Lips 101: 

  • Take our smooth and creamy Lip Liner and line - or overline- the lips. In this look, the shade Nude was used. 
  • If you’re going for a more natural look, lightly outline the shape of lips to draw attention to the mouth. 
  • To glam a fuller pout, slightly overline the lips below your bottom lip and above the cupid's bow. This will help give the illusion of bigger lips to draw more attention to the mouth! 
  • Finish off the lips with our Liquid Lipstick to add a pop of holiday color! In this look, the shade Peachy Keen was used. For a more matte look, finish the lips here. 
  • For an extra holiday glow, add our Lip Gloss in the shade Redhot & Bothered. This will add another slight pop of color to the lips, and blend in beautifully with the Liquid Lipstick. 

Finish off the entire look with another quick spritz of the Better Setter Setting Spray to lock in the look! 

Take a good look in the mirror at all your hard work, because this look is a BIG slay. 

Now you’re holiday party ready, and Mented approved! 

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