Pride 2020 Spotlight

Pride 2020 Spotlight

Pride is an important month for us at Mented Cosmetics to amplify our community of LGBTQ+ Mentfluencers! It's about creating a safe space, loving one another, owning one's identity, and being able to express yourself freely. 

Here at Mented Cosmetics, we are celebrating Pride by spotlighting our Mentors and Mentfluencers. Check out the Q & A below to find out their thoughts on identity, expression, and Pride & be sure to use their affiliate codes to receive 10% off your purchase! 

INSTAGRAM USERNAMEDEVDOEE                                                                 


How do you identify? I identify as a black, queer, and non-binary artist! I use they/them pronouns! 

What does PRIDE mean to you? During times like these, PRIDE means everything to me. It is a time when I am reminded of the black and brown trans women like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera who protested and fought so that I could live my life freely today. It is a reminder that the fight for equality is not over especially for my black trans sisters. It's also a time where I can recognize my own growth as a queer individual who is able to proudly and visibly be who I am. PRIDE is so important and especially outside of the month of June.

How did you first get into beauty? I went to school for Dance (and Marketing) and during my performances I would have to wear makeup at times. At first I felt so wrong for secretly loving it because as someone born male, I was always taught that makeup is not for me. One day I asked one of my dance team members, a beautiful older gay male, to do my face and the rest was history. I quickly became enthralled by the beauty world and especially beauty boys because it was something I had never seen before. Makeup completely shifted my view of gender and how I could express myself to the world.  

What does everyday beauty mean to you? My idea of everyday beauty truly looks different every day. I'm not someone who necessarily wears makeup every single day and when I do it's always different. I believe everyday beauty is just showing yourself fully and unapologetically. It's looking how you want to look in that moment whether it be masculine or feminine, glamorous or leisurely,  it doesn't matter as long as it is true to you!



How do you identify? I identify as a gay man.

What does PRIDE mean to you? Pride to me is the source of my power, my flame, my core. Without pride I wouldn't have my charisma or confidence!

How did you first get into beauty? I got into beauty in about 8th grade, wearing bb creams and foundations. I've always loved focusing on complexion.

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Everyday beauty to me is effortless yet beautiful. A little blush, a soft sheen of glow to the cheeks and forehead, and a clear gloss- always.


Code: DDMUA10

How do you identify? I identify as a Pansexual Black Male.

What does PRIDE mean to you? It is so many things, but I’m gonna start off with just acceptance and also just love for who you are. We’ve worked so hard on ourselves and love is very important-self love! Our community is very very diverse, so having that diversity and inclusion is a very important part of who we are. And also the fact that we have solidarity with all of us- I mean we just all stand together and support. Another important meaning of Pride, is remembering and celebrating those that came before us. And also remember ways that we can continue to pave ways to future generations so that they can continue to make those same strives as well, for a better future. And lastly Pride is about expression. Expressing yourself in whatever way you choose. Your expression is a defining character of yourself and for me, I choose to express my way in the form of beauty and makeup.

How did you first get into beauty? The first time I got into beauty I was a Junior in High School. Me and my best friend we had nothing to wear because we didn’t get the memo. So one of our best friends put eyeliner on me and eyeshadow on him and THAT was the day I really fell in love with beauty.

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Very simple, very achievable, every day “walk-out the door” ready makeup. But yet, still beautiful. Makeup makes me feel powerful, fierce, strong-like I can take over the world. Makeup essentially becomes my armor going out into this world of stigma and oppression.



How do you identify? I Identify as Bisexual.

What does PRIDE mean to you? Pride gives a voice to those with alternate sexual preferences and helps to educate those who may see our sexuality as anything other than a preference. We just want to be accepted for who we are and what we like without being discriminated against for something that ultimately doesn't affect the other party. Pride has allowed me to find comfort in myself which in turn made me more accepting and understanding of groups of people whose beliefs differ from mine. It’s a movement for acceptance and basic human rights.

How did you first get into beauty? I was introduced to beauty by my best friend in high school. She bought me a dark brown eyebrow pencil and made me promise to use it. I spent a few years with the halo "glow in the dark" eyebrows but we all have to start somewhere right? Originally I wanted to pursue a career in computer programming, but my passion for art bloomed and ultimately outweighed my passion for tech.  

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Everyday beauty is my brand! When I got into makeup there was this rave for cut creases and rainbow shadow. While that's nice I always considered "timeless" everyday beauty more appealing and realistic. Although makeup overall is an illusion, I'd rather create a more accurate enhanced version of the person I'm working on than a completely different character that they will grow to be uncomfortable with. Everyday beauty promotes self-acceptance and self-love. What's more important than that?


Code: X0NIKO

How do you identify? CIS-Gendered Male | Pronouns He/Him

What does PRIDE mean to you? Pride is a flame that flickers within you! It means self-love, self-care, self-affirmations about life. Telling myself I love me and to see the amazing person I’m turning out to be, is what keeps me going. That is PRIDE! 

How did you first get into beauty? I got into beauty because I needed a job! At the time Sephora was hiring and summer was getting close so I applied for Fragrance advisor. 6.5 years later, here I am! Slaying away! 

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Being able to choose what and who you wanna be that day. I can wake up and say I can conquer the world like Beyoncé. Or be hilarious like Tracee Ellis Ross. Or better yet, get my super bass on like Nicki Minaj. Everyday beauty changes like the wind and every day I want it to be amazing.



How do you identify? I Identify as a GAY FABULOUS MAN.

What does PRIDE mean to you? Be the best you YOU can be! Pride is about living in your truth. 

How did you first get into beauty? I was born into beauty! My mother used to work at Lancôme and worked at my grandmother’s salon. It was always around me, the women in my family are so glam and it was inspiring to see. When I was a child I used to get bullied for my eyebrows because they were so huge. So when I started high school I started exploring different brow shapes, one day I was shaping my eyebrows up and really messed them up terribly. I went straight to YouTube to find a tutorial on how to fix an eyebrow. Then I discovered Stahr Milan. He taught me how to fill and conceal my eyebrows! That’s what really got me INTO it. 

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Everyday beauty to me means highlighting your natural features and not hiding them. Don’t allow the makeup to wear you.



How do you identify? I identify as a Black Gay Male.

What does PRIDE mean to you? Pride to me is living in your truth without the approval of others.

How did you first get into beauty? I have always been an artist, even as a child. Fourth grade I was introduced to false lashes by my mother. 

What does everyday beauty mean to you? Everyday beauty to me is accentuating your natural features. For me, it’s my skin. I can’t go without a glow.

Happy Pride!

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