Pride 2019 Spotlight with Tarence Polen and Michael Medina

Pride 2019 Spotlight with Tarence Polen and Michael Medina

Pride is a special time for us to remember and celebrate all of the contributions members of the LGBTQ+ community have made and continue to make to our society. It's about living one's truth, owning one's identity, fighting to create an environment where people may live, love, and express themselves freely.

Here at Mented, we are celebrating Pride by spotlighting two of our team members, Tarence Polen (Head Makeup Artist) and Michael Medina (Product Development Lead). Check out the Q&A below to find out their thoughts on identity, expression, and Pride. 

Tarence Polen wearing Send Nudes.

Tarence Polen (@tarencebeauty)

Head Makeup Artist 

How do you identify?

I identify as bisexual.

What does pride mean to you?

To me, pride is a day of celebration. We celebrate the LGBTQ community that paved the way for us, we celebrate the sacrifices and physical hardships that they faced so we can confidently walk the streets in something as simple as the color pink. We celebrate our true selves, the part of us that our parents and our community rejected. We celebrate our major contributions to the art community that ultimately help shape society. Pride is a day that was created by us because society refused to see our value or place. Pride is the blueprint for LGBTQ freedom!

How do you express yourself?

I express myself through my artistry! Art is a form of communication that everyone understands and art typically has a great impact on how people/situations are perceived. Makeup, painting, drawing, and building are a few of the ways I like to use art to express myself.

What Mented lippie makes you feel most confident?

Chile! Hands down, SEND NUDES. I'm all about my lip gloss and to have a nude that gives my lips more personality than Mariah Carey is just mind-boggling. I have run through about 3 on myself and 5 for my kit. It is the perfect nude for any occasion and any look!


Michael Medina wearing Skin by Mented in shade L10, Bae-ge shadow from our Everyday Eyeshadow Palette, and  Pink About Me gloss.

Michael Medina (@muchyummi3r)

Product Development Lead 

How do you identify?

Gay Cis-gender Male

What does pride mean to you?

Pride means never having to say I'm sorry for being who I am, how I was born. I am a proud Latinx Gay Man, raised by a single mother in the Bronx. I am loud, I am passionate, I am emotional, and I am damn proud of it all.

How do you express yourself?

As a makeup artist, I express myself through make up. I love doing soft neutral looks with romantic hues of light peaches and pinks. I also love jewelry and collect cocktail rings that are shaped like different animals, particularly snakes.

What Mented lippie make you feel most confident?

I love the combo of Peach Please Semi-Matte blotted from the bottom lip to the top and topped off with Coralition gloss in the center for that extra juicy lip look.

Happy Pride! 

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