Mented Cosmetics Foundation Brush Feature

Mented Cosmetics Foundation Brush Feature

Throw your old foundation brushes away! It’s about time you got that much-needed foundation brush upgrade. 

After picking out your perfect Skin by Mented foundation stick shade match, you’re probably looking for the best tool to help with application. We recommend the Mented Cosmetics Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes can vary in shape and in size, each designed for a specific outcome. Here at Mented Cosmetics, we made sure to create the perfect Foundation Brush that works best with our Skin by Mented foundation for dark skin to help you achieve professional-looking results. 

Still using your fingers? 

Listen, we get it. Your fingers are free and don’t take up space in your makeup bag which can be really enticing when choosing what to apply your foundation with. 

Using your fingers to apply your foundation is a great way to get started with makeup, however, we suggest that you make the switch to using a brush. 

Why? The last thing you want is to let oils and bacteria from your fingers clog up your pores that can lead to breakouts. This can lead to havoc for people with oily skin types. A clean brush is the best way to avoid this situation. 

Your fingers can also cause your foundation to apply uneven and streaky in areas. This makes it almost impossible to achieve full coverage. You may find that you’re wasting a lot of product and not seeing the results you want. 

Worst of all, it takes so much time! We don’t have all day to apply makeup and we’re sure you don’t either! A foundation brush helps cut that time down. 

This all changes when you make the switch to a high-quality foundation brush like the ones makeup artists use. Trust us, it’s more hygienic and the better option if you’ll be applying your foundation daily. 

What makes Mented Foundation Brush different? 

Mented Cosmetics did a lot of research to come up with the perfect foundation brush, focusing on specifically being the best tool to apply our Skin by Mented foundation stick

Our foundation brush features densely packed soft, synthetic fibers that make buffing and blending a breeze. We focus on natural makeup for beginners which is why our foundation brush is designed for optimal control and precision application. 

You’ll find that this results in a flawless, picture-perfect foundation finish and a solid base for the rest of your makeup. 

Synthetic Fibers 

Mented Cosmetics has managed to create an extremely soft brush by using synthetic bristles. You may think that natural bristles are best, but that’s not the case. 

Synthetic bristles are known for their ability to create a streak-free and smooth application of foundation. 

They are always the best choice for when you choose to work with cream or liquid makeup products. 

Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic and easier to clean than their natural counterparts. 

Basically, just better! 

Types of Foundation Brushes 

One easy thing to think about when purchasing makeup brushes is that brushes that are more dense work better for liquid or cream products, whereas fluffy brushes are better for powder makeup products.

Stippling Brush 

These brushes have dual-sized fibers that work to blend out your foundation. This type of brush can be paired with products with a creamy finish. 

Buffing Brush

A synthetic buffing brush is a staple in many makeup artists' kits. We recommend trying the Mented Cosmetics foundation brush, which creates an airbrushed quality when applying foundation. 

The high-quality finish is a result of how dense the fibers are packed into the brush. 

You’ll want this type of brush to help you blend out your foundation into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies around your face. 

Kabuki Brush 

If you use a powder foundation, a kabuki-style foundation brush could work well for you. It works to spread out the product evenly. 

It’s also ideal for applying body shimmers and other powders. 

Beauty Blending Sponges

This is a good option for those looking for a dewy look. Beauty blending sponges will produce better results when they are slightly dampened. 

The cons of sponges are that they have the tendency to soak up a ton of foundation. No one wants the lifespan of your foundation to go down because half of it ends up in the sponge applicator! 

You’ll want to make sure that you invest in a high-quality foundation brush. Unfortunately, cheap foundation brushes can often lead to uneven application or even stray brush hairs falling out into your freshly done makeup. Ew. 

How To Use the Mented Foundation Brush 

Step 1: 

After prepping your face with the Perfect Prime Primer, apply your Skin by Mented foundation for dark skin to the areas of your face that require coverage. Note that our foundation is able to build up coverage without looking too cakey! Feel free to go for the minimal look by only applying one swipe, or continue to build up the layers for more full coverage. 

Step 2:

Take the Mented Foundation Brush and start buffing out the product in small, circular motions. Try to start towards the center of your face. When that is blended out, continue to work outwards. 

Step 3:

Use a mirror to view your progress. If you need additional coverage, start to apply more of the foundation to those areas. 

Remember: Skin by Mented can also be used as a contour and a highlighter. Now would be a good time to use a darker or lighter shade to accomplish those techniques. 

Step 4:

Continue to buff out the foundation ensuring there aren't any harsh lines that show where the product stops and your skin starts. Make sure to pay special attention to your neck and forehead areas while blending. 

This step is easy because Skin by Mented was specifically designed to have a natural, yet buildable finish and most importantly, look like skin!

You’ll be sure to thank us when you use this high-quality, yet affordable foundation brush option that will leave you looking gorgeous all day long! 

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