Introducing the Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks

Introducing the Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks

Eyeshadow sticks are the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed to add to your makeup bag.  

You may be seeing products labeled “eyeshadow sticks” or “eyeshadow pencils” pop up pretty much everywhere makeup is sold lately. They are marketed as a beginner-friendly alternative to traditional eyeshadow palettes, but what’s all the hype about?

Eyeshadow sticks are quickly becoming a staple in the beauty industry. If you need versatility in your makeup routine, these eyeshadow pencils will definitely fulfill that need. They are different from your typical powder eyeshadow palettes because they have a cream-to-powder finish. The cream formula glides over the skin and you blend out the color before it dries in place. 

Traditional eyeshadow has the tendency to create fallout, which can be annoying if you don’t know how to deal with it. With eyeshadow sticks, the color easily goes exactly where you want it with no mess making it perfect for your eyelid, inner corner, & water line. 

hands with Color Intense Sticks

Introducing Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks by Mented Cosmetics, or as we like to say, eyes, simplified. These pencils offer an intense color pay off perfect for dark skin. This new collection has one matte and three metallic shades meaning the opportunities of creative expression are practically endless!

With a barely-there feel, you might be surprised to learn that our cream-to-powder finish is crease-proof, waterproof, and has been proven to last for up to 10 hours of budge-free wear. 

This collection includes four beautifully pigMENTED shades, made specifically to complement and work beautifully on all skin tones. We have spent hours formulating this perfect creamy, easy-glide eyeshadow formula. That’s what makes them perfect for beginners as it offers effortless and precise one-swipe application.

Shade Breakdown 

Deja Brew 

Dark Brown - Matte

A rich, chocolatey dark brown matte shade. 

Rosey Posey Eyes

Rosey Posey 

Rose Gold - Metallic

A soft pink metallic shade with a hint of gold shimmer. 

Better Off Bronze Eyes

Better Off Bronze 

Bronze - Metallic

A cool, metallic brown shade.  

Pretty Penny Eyes

Pretty Penny 

Copper - Metallic

A bright, golden brown metallic shade.  

Why get just one?!

There are so many different possible combinations for all the amazing looks you can achieve with the Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks. You can’t possibly only leave with just one shade! 

Here’s a breakdown of the different bundles we have available.

The One and Done Bundle 

One and Done Bundle

Value $38 - Launch Price $30 Limited Time Only!*


  • One Color intense EyeShadow Stick of your choosing
  • Long Live The Lash Mascara 

This is perfect for those who have their eye on one particular shade. The One and Done Bundle includes one of the Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks with a Long Live The Lash Mascara. The perfect little combo for a quick eye look! 

The Two For You Bundle

2 for you Bundle

Value $40 - Launch Price $30 Limited Time Only!*


  • Deja Brew + Rosey Posey 

                         - OR - 

  • Deja Brew + Better off Bronze

                         - OR - 

  • Deja Brew + Pretty Penny 

You know what they say, two is better than one! The Two For You Bundle includes a pairing of the Deja Brew matte shade with your choice of any of the other metallic shades. You can’t go wrong with any of these combos. 

The Never Too Much Bundle

The Collection

Value $80 - Launch Price $60 Limited Time Only!*


  • Deja Brew 
  • Better Off Bronze
  • Rosey Posey 
  • Pretty Penny 

At a price as good as this, consider grabbing our new Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks in every shade! The Never Too Much Bundle includes Deja Brew, Better Off Bronze, Rosey Posey, and Pretty Penny. Just think of all the new combinations you’ll be able to create! 

Three Quick & Easy Looks

Watch as our CEO and Co-Founder KJ Miller combines the new Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks into one beautiful look! 

Now that you’ve seen what these eyeshadow pencils can do and just how pigmented they really are, you may be wondering what other looks you can achieve with this collection.  

Get ready to take your makeup from 0-100 with these eyeshadow looks that you can easily accomplish using our Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks! Trust us, you’ll be surprised how quick and simple it is to get such bold looks without needing to grab the rest of your makeup bag. 

Look 1 - Bright & Natural

Step 1: For the base of this look, start by taking Pretty Penny and concentrating it under your brow bone. Begin blending this shade down towards the eye and outwards. 

Step 2: Next, take Better Off Bronze and add it to your upper lid. Take your brush and make sure to blend Pretty Penny and Better off Bronze together where they meet in the middle. 

Step 3: Finish off this bright and natural look by applying the shade Rosey Posey to the inner corners of your eyes.

Look 2 - Dark & Bold

Step 1: For this dark and bold look, you’ll want to start by sweeping a base of Deja Brew over your eyelids.  

Step 2: You’ll then take Better Off Bronze and apply it to the center of your lid as well as your upper lash line, blending with Deja Brew from Step 1. 

Step 3: Lastly, end with applying Pretty Penny to the Inner corners of your eyes. For added drama, feel free to line your lower lower lash line. 

Look 3 - Modern Smokey Eye

Step 1: Start by taking Rosey Posey and apply as a base to your eyelids. 

Step 2: Use the shade Deja Brew to line your upper lash line. Also apply this shade a little more heavily to the corners of your lids.  

Step 3: Take your brush and blend the Deja Brew you just applied outwards at an angle to create that signature smokey eye look. 

*Insider Tip! If you’re looking to take your look from day to night, this might be the one for you! Start by only applying Rosey Posey for your daily routine. You can keep the pencils in your purse and you’re ready to go out for the night, you can simply apply Deja Brew to the upper lash line and blend outwards to get your smokey eye perfect for grabbing drinks with friends! #stunning 


You won’t want to miss getting the Color Intense Eyeshadow Sticks for dark skin. Treat yourself and have fun mixing and matching the different shades to find your favorite combination! 

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