Letter From Our Founder

Letter From Our Founder

It’s Women’s History Month, and to know us is to know we celebrate women year round- this month is no different! We’re giving the month of March an extra special focus: we’re spending it celebrating the SKIN we’re in! All month long we’re bringing you skin-focused content, masterclasses and tutorials because we know that true beauty is more than skin deep.

On a more personal level, I have spent my entire life struggling with my own skin issues. As a lifelong eczema sufferer, one of my biggest insecurities has been my skin. It's one of the reasons I developed our ultra-hydrating Skin by Mented foundation - I wanted to make a foundation that worked with my skin, not against it. From the aloe leaf extract to the hyaluronic acid it truly is a skin-loving foundation, and we’re kicking off the Month of Skin with free one-on-one shade matching appointments so you can find your perfect match! Book your appointment here.

Stay tuned for all of the special content coming your way, and a special announcement later in the month…



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