Letter from Our Founder

Letter from Our Founder

Dear Mented Fam,

What does it mean when a brand turns five? 

In the grand scheme of things this company is still in its infancy. But we've grown a lot, and we have all of you to thank for that, so indulge me for a moment while I do just that. Five HUGE thank you's for five wonderful years:

1. Thank you for taking a chance on our first ever product, our line of nude lipsticks. We made them for you, and lucky for us you fell in love. 
2. Thank you for continuing to rock with us when we got it wrong; like just last year when we sold out of half of our foundation shades for five months. (A quick aside on that: we've changed manufacturers, which means we're going to be doing much much better for you in the future. You have my word.)
3. Thank you for coming to every pop up, every Essence Fest, every Afro Punk, every IG Live, every EVERYTHING. Our Mented Fam goes hard, and we love you for it.
4. Thank you for being VOCAL about wanting to see us on shelf - thanks to you we're now in over 1,000 doors, including an Ulta and Target NEAR YOU!
5. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and your warmth throughout this journey. We love having the opportunity to make your world a bit more beautiful.
Here's to the next five, and to many many more.
CEO and Co-Founder
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