2022 Beauty Trends

2022 Beauty Trends

While 2021 was the year of dipping our toe back in the water in terms of beauty, 2022 is officially the year of “removing the mask” entirely so to speak. With tinted moisturizers in hand, clear brow gels, and featherweight mascaras, many are facing 2022 with a completely different outlook on the beauty game as a whole. With things returning more to normal than many have seen in years, friends are grabbing their boldest colors, Y2K styles, and glitter bombs for the upcoming year of 2022. 

Lightweight Luminous Base 

One thing COVID has taught us in the beauty sphere - you do not need heavy full coverage foundation to achieve a gorgeous everyday look. Beauty priorities have changed since COVID 19, and easy makeup looks never go out of style. The beauty community is rocking a lot less complexion makeup than before, focusing on dewy, skin-like, and lightweight coverage. Breathability is what it is about in the coming year. 

Statement Blush 

Beauty tutorials online have shown us the real power that blush has. Depending on the angle of application, you can contour your face with blush alone, giving you a lifted, snatched look. With that being said, statement blush is going to be a huge part of 2022 and gives the wearer an exaggerated glow. Bold blush tones are perfect for a variety of skin tones, but they are strikingly vibrant on those with a deeper tone. We love to see it. 

Bold Bright Eyes 

If Euphoria and TikTok trends haven’t been a telltale sign, bold, bright eyes are on the rise. Wearing masks has made a lasting impression and attention-catching eye looks are all the rage. Bring on the glitter, bright colors, and graphic liner. Bold, bright eye looks are here to stay. 

Lined Lips 

Y2K is not the only beauty style making a comeback. The 90s' trend of a well-defined lip is officially here for 2022 and not going anywhere. The lip liner trend isn’t for overlining your pout, but enhancing and defining the natural shape of your luscious lips. To create the appearance of fuller lips without overdoing it, choose a natural/neutral colored lipstick with a coordinating liner. 

Pro Tip: Apply your lipstick before a lip liner and then grab a liner a shade or two darker than your natural lip color and apply for some extra definition.

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