I’m in Love With the Shape of You: How to Apply Eyeshadow for your Eye Shape

I’m in Love With the Shape of You: How to Apply Eyeshadow for your Eye Shape

Eyes are the window to the soul, and one of the best products to enhance them is eyeshadow. Yes, eyeshadow can be a lot— from blending and cut creases, to achieving the perfect winged liner— but it doesn’t have to be! One of the easiest ways to step up your eyeshadow game with the least amount of effort is by playing up the shape of your eyes. Knowing your eye shape helps you know how to best flatter them when beating that face boo. 

Unsure of your eye shape? We got you girl! Here’s the tea: there are a variety of different eye shapes: round, almond, hooded, and monolid. With so many different eye shapes out there, you want to apply the shadow to fit your specific features because guess what girl? You are one of a kind! 

Round Eyes

Do I have round eyes? Here’s how to know! Round eyes are usually prominent and appear circular. If you can see the whites of your eyes all the way around, chances are you are a part of Team Round! When you have round eyes, your best bet is to elongate them through the creation of an almond or winged effect on the outer half of the eye. Focus an intense color like Los Angeles on the center of the lid to make it pop, while using a softer shadow shade like Houston, a matte warm light brown, along the bottom and top lash line connecting them in a triangular effect. This is where you must remember to wing the shadow up and out at the edge of the eye for elongation. With rounded eyes, avoid creating a round shape in the crease that it will make your eyes appear rounder. 

Almond Eyes

Hmmm do I have almond eyes? Almond-shaped eyes have smaller eyelids and tend to be wider, featuring a shape that tapers to a point in the outer eye and tear duct area. For those with almond eyes, apply a light color to the lid like Miami, and a deeper color like Atlanta into the outer corner of the eye to accentuate the almond shape. Another way to accentuate the almond shape is to wing out the eyeshadow in the outer corners, giving the appearance of a facelift. To accomplish this, blend the deeper crease color, Atlanta, up and away from the eye toward the temple. With the deeper shades focused on the outer corner of the eye, a beautiful gradient effect can be achieved by applying a light shade, Houston, toward the inner corner and blending it out for a smooth transition. 

Monolid Eyes

Wondering if you have monolid eyes? Monolid eyes feature a less apparent crease where the existing crease isn’t strongly defined. For monolid eyes, play around! With less eye space on the top, one has the opportunity to really dive in with fun colors or smokey shadow under the eye and within the waterline. While monolids allow for large amounts of flexibility, the most flattering eyeshadow shape is when shadows are blended outward following the direction of the lower lash line. Make sure to create dimension when working with shadows, implement shimmers, and reflective shadows like Las Vegas and Miami to really enhance your eye shape.

Hooded Eyes

Are you unsure if you have hooded eyes? Hooded eyelids have a crease that is often deeper set and hidden when the eyes are open. Those with hooded eyes often deal with issues when it comes to shimmer shades. The light can reflect off the lid in places that aren’t optimal, meaning matte shadows are the go-to for this eye shape. Houston, Philly, and Atlanta are perfect matte shades that when applied strategically can emphasize this eye shape properly. If you’re looking to create a smokey eye on hooded eyes use the deepest shade, Brooklyn near the lash line as well as the lid, while blending it into a mid-tone shade like Atlanta near the crease. The lightest shade, Philly, should be placed toward the inner corner of the eye. Always remember to bring out the crease with shadow above the fold of the eye. If you’re looking to establish balance, a thick liner on the upper lash line paired with the matte shadow placed there is a great option. 

No matter your eye shape, you’re beautiful sis. Now take that palette and own the night. 

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