How To: Valentine's Day Look

How To: Valentine's Day Look

Guess what girl, it’s the month of love sis! And you know what that means, we have created a look that is perfect for lovers honey! Full of pinks, reds and an eyeshadow look that is sure to make your man wish that every day was Valentine’s Day. So whether you’re going out for a fancy dinner or getting wined and dined at home, with this flirty look you can slay with your man, your girls and even if you’re alone!

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like pinks and mauves, so for this holiday look we are going for pink monochrome: flushed cheeks, pillow-soft eyes and a muted lipstick.

  • Following proper prep and prime, apply Skin by Mented Foundation starting on the center of the face and blend outward with your Foundation Brush for a seamless, streakless finish. For any areas that require extra coverage apply an extra bit of foundation since the Skin by Mented foundation also serves as a concealer.  
  • For a little under-eye highlight grab a Skin by Mented Foundation stick about two to three shades lighter than your foundation shade and place the highlight shade in the under-eye area, around the base of the nose, chin, and center of the forehead. All of the areas where the light will hit. 
  • Blend the highlight out and set with Skin Silk Setting Powder in your proper highlight shade. 
  • Grab the Mented powder brush and lightly set your face, with the Skin Silk Setting Powder, placing a particular focus on your areas that are prone to oil. 
  • Lightly fill in your brows, only in the sparse areas, with the High Precision Brow Pencil in Brow Down making sure not to create an eyebrow that is too harsh. Make sure to mimic the hairs in your natural brows with hairlike strokes creating an imperceptible filled in brow. 
  • Add dimension to the face with a bronzer/blush combo. Take a large fluffy brush and swirl it into the Sunkissed Bronzer, tapping off the excess. Apply the bronzer to the areas of the face the sun is likely to hit, the temples, cheeks and jawline adding warmth to the face. 

  • Now let’s add those pinks to the face: Grab a denser more tightly packed brush and apply Pinky Promise onto the apples of the cheeks making sure to tap the pigment into the skin. Heads up, if you want a little warmer more mauvey tone for  this look feel free to swirl the brush in Clay Too Much as well for a warmer base. 
  • Start by applying a warm matte tan, Philly, from the Everynight Eyeshadow Palette all over the lid. This creates a nice warm base. 
  • Take a pencil brush, dab it into Harlem, a matte chocolate brown and place that into the outer corner of the eye. With a fluffy brush blend the shadow out evenly diffusing the color. 
  • Take a flat liner brush dipped in Atlanta, along the lash line. Make sure that color is placed evenly between the lashes to make the eyes pop. To increase the intensity, wet the brush prior to dipping into the shadow. 
  • Apply Atlanta along the lower lashline by softly pressing the brush on to the root of the lower lashes. Then smudge out with a pencil brush or your fingers to soften the look. 
  • With a flat shader brush take Los Angeles, a rose pink shimmer, and pat over the inner half of the eyelid.
  • With a flat shader brush take Los Vega, a cranberry red shimmer, and pat over the outer half of the eyelid.
  • Dab your pencil brush into Chicago, a champagne shimmer, and place into the inner tear duct to brighten that area of the eye. 
  • Before adding mascara take a blending brush and blend the edges of shadow all around the eye, making sure that there are no harsh lines. 
  • Time for the finishing touches, take your favorite mascara and apply three to four coats for that full-on lash effect. Feel free to apply some mascara onto the lower lashline as well.
  • If you’re feeling glamorous, feel free to take your highlighter brushed dipped in  Los Angeles and lightly dust the high points of the face, sealing in the pink monochromatic look.
  • Who doesn’t love a pinky eye paired with an ombre pink lip?  Line your lips with  Pink Liner and fill in the color with  Pretty in Pink Semi-Matte  Lipstick.  
  • Take  Pink About Me lipgloss and go over the lipstick applied, applying heavier on the center of the lip making it appear fuller. 

Now you are ready for whatever Valentine’s Plans may come your way!  Enoy your night of love sis! 



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