How To Upgrade Summer Foundation for Winter

How To Upgrade Summer Foundation for Winter

Each Winter season you pull out your makeup bag, and swipe on your foundation to create a gorgeous beat. Instead of a flawless match, you're faced with the realization that “dang, this shade might not be it anymore.”

In the transition from summer to winter, the skin goes through changes. The summer glow you once had, fades into a drier, more brittle and sometimes flaky texture. The foundation of your choice in the summer months, might not be what your skin needs. Along with possibly being a shade or two off, chances are it may not have the nourishment that your face needs when the temperature starts to drop. 

Skin often needs more moisture during the harsh winter months and occasionally will lighten up. With that in mind, you’ll need an increase in hydration and make sure your foundation matches your winter shade. While our Skin by Mented Foundation is crafted with an ultra-hydrating formula that is both lightweight and buildable. 

Pro Tip: infuse your favorite foundation formula with a moisturizer or facial oil from your skin-care collection. Adding this moisture to the formula willsheer out the coverage and add in extra hydration which is crucial during the winter months. If your foundation is a little too deep from the summer months, adding a moisturizer can help lighten the color of the shade if needed so your skin can have the perfect match all year long. 

If you do decide to grab a new foundation shade for the winter, hold on to your summer shade and use it as a bronzer or soft contour in the meantime. It’s the perfect tone for cheekbone and hairline placement. Always remember to make sure your skin is  prepped with moisture and foundation. 

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