How to Find Your Undertone

How to Find Your Undertone

Welcome to post number two in our Foundation series! We’ve already covered how to shade match, and if you need a quick refresher go ahead and do the required reading on our post right here! If you’ve already purchased our Skin by Mented Foundation Sample Pack and are in love with your shade, raise your hand! 

Now to the main event: undertones. What is an undertone and why does it even matter?

An undertone is just that, the tone of your skin that is peeking through your skin under the surface. Undertones come in three different shades: cool, warm and neutral. 

  • Warm undertones lean golden, peachy and yellow, while 
  • Cool undertones are more pink, blue and red 
  • Neutral undertones are a mixture of both 

Always remember though, an undertone is not the same as your skin tone. And no matter your complexion, whether fair or deep, you can have a cool, neutral or warm undertone. 

Finally finding your perfect foundation shade can be a daunting task, and undertone is often the last piece of that puzzle. Foundations with a slight pink tint have a cool undertone, whereas warm foundations are more yellow and golden. 

How To Identify Your Undertone 

While you may be feeling a little unsure of what your undertone is, here are a few tests to help out! 

Check Your Veins

Take a look down at your wrist, are your veins green or blue? If the veins lean blue you’re cool toned, if the veins are green you are warm toned. Have a mix of the two, you guessed it, you’re a neutral tone. 

White T-Shirt Test 

Everyone has a plain white tee at home. Grab it and let’s get to work. In bright natural lighting, hold the t-shirt next to your face. If your skin looks pink or rosy in comparison, you are cool toned, if your face appears more yellow your undertone is warm. 

Sun Exposure Test 

How your skin reacts to sunlight is an easy way to determine your undertone. Out in the sun and you burn easily? You’re likely to be cool toned. If you tan easily, then you’re a warm undertone. If you tan first, then burn, you’re likely neutral toned. 

Jewelry Test 

This test can be extremely subjective, but comparing how gold and silver look on your skin tone can help you find your right undertone. Gold jewelry tends to flatter warmer skin tones, while silver jewelry flatters cooler tones. If both shades of jewelry have you looking good then you may be neutral. 

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