How to: Minimal Makeup Look

How to: Minimal Makeup Look

Love a no-makeup makeup look? So do we! Here at Mented, we are obsessed with a gorgeous face focused on simplicity; the most pay off with the minimal amount of effort. Check out these tips for a simple makeup look best for saving coins, your time and your skin.

It’s All About that Base

A good base for your makeup is crucial for a flawless but minimalistic look. When skin is clearer, there’s no need to pack on the foundation. Invest in good skin care, ultimately allowing you to spot treat wherever you feel it necessary versus having to apply a full on face. For the minimal makeup to cover any concerns, hyperpigmentation, melasma, texture, etc., the  Skin by Mented Foundation stick is optimal for spot concealing. Grab your foundation shade, spot conceal where needed on the face and blend. Then use the Skin by Mented Foundation stick in your concealer shade and dab a teeny amount in the pocket under the eye and blend with your finger or the Foundation Brush. Since this look is all about minimal application, an extremely light dusting of powder is all that is needed where you spot concealed. For such a light application feel free to use the blending brush from the Mini Brush Trio paired with the Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder to lightly dust the under-eye area with powder and set. Feel free to use this brush for any other areas that need setting or use the Loose Powder Brush to cover more skin. 


Do It for the Brows 

Eyebrows are the frames of the face. With a minimal look, a defined heavy brow can appear harsh in contrast to the softness of the rest of the face. With the High Brow Precision Pencil, lightly fill in the brow in the sparse areas focusing on the tale. If that appears to be defined, simply brush up the brows for a thick, natural and bushy look. 


Simple Eyes 

For a minimalistic look, sometimes pencil or liquid liner can look a little too bold. To soften up that eye, try lining the eyes with a soft brown shadow. With an angled brush, try Upside Brown or Brown Out from the Everyday Eyeshadow Palette or Harlem from the Everynight Eyeshadow Palette. Apply this brown shade on the top lid as close to the lash line as possible, defining your eyes without too bold of a liner. 


Lastly the Lips 

This is where you can explore! Minimalist doesn’t have to mean natural, so this is your chance to spice up your look with a little color. Feel free to explore your options, from a glossy lip to a nude matte or even a clear balm for a little moisture. Our Gloss for Grownups collection, Semi Matte Lipstick collection or Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment can help you achieve that minimal look no matter the mood you’re looking for.

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