Mented Helped Me Find My Nude Makeup Groove

I thought nude makeup was elegant, beautiful, and mature. A smoky eye and a nude lip is SUCH a staple editorial look, stylish and timeless. But I also thought that I couldn’t pull it off. It just didn’t feel like “me.” I felt like a nude lip made me look washed out instead of enhancing my beauty. Also, I had a hard time finding the RIGHT nude for my skin tone. That’s until Mented came into my life.

Mented Cosmetics makes products that are vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. The brand has been dedicated to creating the perfect range of nude shades for Black beauty — as I always like to say, all shades of beautiful. The creators, Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller, intentionally created a brand that would fill a void in the cosmetics industry. They couldn’t find the perfect nude for them, so they decided to make what they couldn’t find. We’re all better off for their efforts.

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