Women I Admire

Women I Admire

It’s International Women’s Day, which is the perfect opportunity for me to highlight 3 women I truly admire: our first three full-time hires. 

Merissa Mahon came to us as an intern out of FIT, and once we saw her hard-working, get-it-done-at-all-costs attitude we knew we had to bring her on as our Marketing Manager.

Allison Thomas, our Product Development and Ops Coordinator, approached us at Afropunk looking for an internship. We recognized her drive immediately, and she spent the next six weeks tackling every challenge that came her way.

Nadia Burgess, our Operations Lead, came from the world of luxury fashion and brought her no-nonsense, work-through-the-night style with her. 

All three of these women are smart, capable, and the core of our Mented team. Read below for what makes them tick! I’m excited to celebrate them and all go-getter women today. 



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