Why You Need to Declutter Your Makeup

Why You Need to Declutter Your Makeup

New year, new me means a new attitude and a fresh and oh so clean makeup collection. They say out with the old and in with the new, so it looks like it's time for a little New Year cleaning! Let’s be honest, we all probably have some expired makeup sitting in our collection, so why not sift through it and let that 2-year-old mascara go?

The real question is how do you know your makeup is expired? In truth, that depends on the product. Makeup expiration dates can range from 3 months to up to 24 months after the product is opened. Look at the packaging on your product, this image on the back shows how many months that particular product is good for.


Foundation tends to feature ingredients that separate once they have expired. Once this separation occurs the preservatives are no longer effective, meaning application can cause breakouts, skin irritation and infection. Pay attention to the texture of the foundation prior to application, the product will either dry out or get clumpy over time and that’s how you know it’s time to let it go. 



Mascara when unused can last up to two years, but it is best to replace them about every three months. When used past that timeframe, you’re likely to end up with the dreaded panda eye, flaked mascara all around your eye resulting in smudges. Expired mascara can even lead to styes or eye infections. One way to know that it’s gone bad is with a smell test, if it smells a little funny; toss it. 



Powders and blushes are a different story. These dry products are often housed in compact containers where bacteria is unlikely to grow. With that being said, a compact can be kept in rotation for three to four years as long as you’re still getting the pigment and performance you’re looking for. If you ever feel like your powder products are not performing up to your standards after some time, try scraping the top of your powder product with a knife. Oftentimes the oils from our face can travel from the brush to the product creating a film on the surface. The lesson to note: Don’t be afraid to refresh what you spent your coin on. 



Lip products are often most susceptible to contamination and expiration in comparison to other products in your makeup bag. Why? Because these products are opened so often that they are constantly exposed to air which can introduce bacteria into the product. Bacteria can then be transferred from the wand, brush, or lips back into the product causing contamination, cold sores, and more. 

If a product separates, changes textures, colors, or has an off scent chances are it’s time to let it go for good. Pigments might not look so vibrant and powders may be packed down and hard to use. Keep playing games with that old thing and acne, rashes and styes are a possibility. With that expired makeup behind us, 2021 is looking more gorgeous than ever. While you’re at it, make sure you grab those brushes and give them a good cleaning in that sink. We are doing everything new this year! Need to restock some of those products that have been let go this year? You know where to look! Mented Cosmetics honey!

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