When To Use Bronzer vs. Blush

Blush and bronzer are essential makeup tools that bestow your face with radiance and highlight your features. There is no better time to play with the glow-inducing properties of bronzer and blush than in the summer, especially with our new blushes especially made for women of color. However, many women stare at these products in their makeup bag and wonder, when to use bronzer vs blush? Don’t worry, Mented is here to help you. We specialize in makeup for women of color and want to help you master makeup so you can feel like your most confident self. This guide covers the difference between bronzer and blush, how to find the best blush for women of color, and how to utilize the products for any makeup look.

What Is the Difference Between Bronzer and Blush?

You might have caught onto the difference between bronzer and blush from their names. Bronzer, as its name implies, has bronzed tones of orange or peach combined with tan or brown. There is often a touch of gold mixed in too. Dusting on bronzer gives you a sun-kissed appearance, as if you’ve been outside soaking up UV rays all day. 

On the other hand, blush, as its name suggests, mimics a natural blush to the cheeks. It’s that flush you get while sweating it out at the gym, coming in from the cold, or having been embarrassed - yep, that refreshed, pinkish hue.  

Since they have different pigmentations with varying intended effects, bronzer and blush should be applied uniquely as well. Traditionally, bronzer is applied with a bronzer brush where the sun would strike your face, including the brow, hairline and cheekbones. You can also frame your face by blending bronzer at the jawline, from the base of your jaw down towards your chin. If your décolletage or shoulders are exposed, try a touch of bronzer to these areas to complete a natural sunkissed makeup look.

Blush application can go one of two ways. Often, women will simply apply rouge to the apples of their cheeks with a blush brush and see great results. Just be mindful to apply the right amount - not too much that may look clownish, but enough to be noticeable. However, if you want to take your blush game to the pro level, consider the shape of your face when applying it. We have an in-depth guide on how to apply blush to get you there. 

A Little About Contouring vs. Bronzer

We’re going to take a second to talk beauty contouring since it frequently comes up when discussing bronzer. Contouring is not the same as bronzing, although the two are often confused as one and the same thing. Contour is its own makeup product, usually a shade or two darker than your foundation. It lacks the peachy, tan or gold notes characteristic of bronzer. When applied correctly - and all too often it is not - contour powder can create a dramatic look. In most cases, it’s a bit much for daytime or summertime. So if you’re reading this as the thermostat is getting higher, ditch contour and bronzer, and go for the lighter blush look instead! 

When to Use Blush vs. Bronzer

Don’t get us wrong, bronzer can be worn any time of year. However, it definitely has a strong look that can stand out on certain occasions. On the other hand, blush is a divine makeup tool in any season.

A traditional blush tone will match your natural flush - one a little pinker and darker than your skin tone. You can also choose a blush with red, brown, mauve or peach tones, depending on your mood or the look you want to achieve. Get a fresh face for spring or summer with a pink or peach blush. Fall and winter are perfect for whipping out a claret or raisin shade to complement dark winter clothes. Luckily for you, Mented makes buildable and mixable blushes in four gorgeous shades to create a healthy glow and fresh look in any season.

Blendable, Buildable Blushes for Darker Skin 

At Mented, we created perfectly pigmented blush shades with deeper skin tones in mind. In general, the four major blush color categories include pink, peach, burgundy and reddish brown. Within every color group, our blushes feature deeper shades that suit darker skin tones, as well as richly pigmented color for staying power that lasts.  

The line is designed to make it easy for you to choose the right color fit. Pinky Promise and Peach for the Stars are on the lighter end of the spectrum and perfect to achieve that soft, summery look. With Berried Away as a bright red burgundy and Clay Too Much as a muted red brown, these are great shades for darker skin tones as well, to achieve the perfect glowing look with stronger pigment and deeper colors.

No matter the color you select for your skin tone, blush is easy to apply, mix and build to create the perfect flush on your cheekbones, a timeless beauty look for every season!  

Grab Your Blush and Go!

Now that we’ve gone over the difference between bronzer and blush, hopefully you won’t be staring at your makeup bag in confusion any longer about which to wear. If there are other makeup products that have you scratching your head, we have your back. With our foundation shade finder, as well as a wealth of guides loaded with makeup tips, we are here to help you perfect your makeup routine and feel like your most confident self!