Versus: Mask Look

Now you know we love a good flirtation, but with these masks that we’ve been wearing lately, it’s become a little harder to serve the cutie you’ve had your eye on with that “come hither” look. Not to worry, let your eyes do the talking and serve all types of smize in our new Everynight Eyeshadow Palette. With these shades, you only need your eyes to make a statement. 

Look One

This look is all about the eyes...

  • Start with Philly as a transition shade and work it all over the lid.
  • Next, take Atlanta, a matte red-brown, and blend it deep into the crease smoking out both matte shades.
  • Place Miami, a metallic peachy gold, on the inner half of the eyelid and marry it with Las Vegas, a metallic cranberry red, towards the center and outer half of the lid. 
  • Dip your blending brush into Atlanta again and blend out any harsh edges, focusing on the outer crease to add dimension to your eyes. 
  • To add a little sexiness to the look, take a pencil brush dipped in Philly and Atlanta and smoke out the outer corner of your lower lash line. 
  • To brighten the inner corner, stamp a little bit of Houston in the tear duct area.
  • Finally, add lashes and/or mascara and you’re ready to finish the look with a bold lip! 
The Final Look:

Look Two 

Nothing brings attention to the eyes more than a cranberry red look! 

  • Dip your flat shader brush into Las Vegas, metallic cranberry red, and pat that all over the eyelid. 
  • To soften up those edges, take Harlem, a matte chocolate brown, on a blending brush and pack in the outer corner, blending up into the crease. 
  • Flick the shadow at an upwards angle at the outer corner of the eye to give the illusion of a visual facelift. 
  • Blend, blend, blend. 
  • Finally, grab the shade Miami and place that in the inner corner of your eye to make the look POP!  
The Final Look:


Never let a mask stop your slay honey. It’s time your eyes do the talking because we know they have something to say. Want to see these looks in action? Check out the playback of the Live Versus battle between Donetta Shelby (@therapeutic_beauty) and Kilenny K. (@kilennyk) here.