Top 5 Mascara Tips

Top 5 Mascara Tips

We are livin’ it up in this Lash Life! Since our love for mascara has grown, we had to bring out our newest mascara, Long Live the Lash!

Applying mascara definitely seems like a one stop situation right? Grab your tube, swipe on the volume and move on with your day. But, if mascara is such a simple fix, why don’t your lashes have the look you love every time you apply? When dealing with a product that can be as pigmented and messy as mascara, a few mistakes can cause flakes, the dreaded panda eye or a smudge filled mess. Luckily, Mented has our newest addition to our eye collection, Long Live the Lash Mascara, as well as some tricks to have you wearing that mascara like a true makeup artist. Looks like it’s time to turn up the volume, pile on the length and up your mascara game! 

Tip #1: Curl Your Lashes 

Before layering on the length of your mascara, use an eyelash curler to lift and stretch those lashes. With that added space, your mascara can adhere to your lashes with some serious hold. Never tried an eyelash curler before? The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is great for the newbies out there. As a favorite of pro MUA’s, it gives a gorgeous soft swoop to the lashes that screams I woke up like this. 

Tip #2: Prep and Prime 

The same way we prep and prime our skin prior to foundation application for better coverage and longevity is exactly how you prime your lashes for mascara. Everyone wants that good staying power, especially for long lasting length and volume. Grab your favorite lash primer and swipe on a coat or two before adding that mascara. Don’t forget to let it set for about 30 seconds before you add that mascara! 

Tip #3: Twirl that Wand

Contrary to popular belief, pumping your mascara wand in the tube is actually a huge mistake. Pumping the wand pushes air into the product, creating the perfect scenario for bacteria to spread. Instead, twirl and pull the wand up when removing from the tube, making sure the product is dispensed evenly. 

Tip #4: Cover Both Sides of Your Lashes 

Thought mascara was only for underneath your lashes? Think again. For volume with that full frontal impact, (think dark, thick and super mysterious)  cover your lashes on both sides. After you apply mascara to the underside of your lashes, go over the top side combing the wand through from root to tip. 

Tip #5: Apply Powder Between Coats

We know it’s shocking, but translucent setting powder is a woman of many talents. While she’s great at stopping shine, she’s also perfect for adding volume to your lashes and making them extra full. Take a shadow brush, like the blending blush from our Mini Brush Trio, and lightly dust your lashes with powder before adding your next coat. This will definitely make the girls go up a size!
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