Review: The Nude Lipstick Worth Gifting this Valentine’s Day… and Every Holiday That Follows

Review: The Nude Lipstick Worth Gifting this Valentine’s Day… and Every Holiday That Follows
By Nailah Ali @just.nailah on February 11, 2018

Hey y’all, I have a really exciting post for you in this fine Sunday evening. Hence me sharing it a bit earlier than normal. With Valentine’s Day a mere 3 days away, I figured I’d do some of the work for you and tell you what the perfect gift is. If you’re still scrambling for a gift idea that is. I’ve got you covered. Enter, Mented Cosmetics. A black-women-owned vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and USA-made makeup brand. Their claim to fame? Mastering nude lipstick for every skin type. Yes, if you’re a POC reading this, they have a nude shade that WILL work for you, without the guilt. What more could you ask for?

Front to back: Nude Lala, Pretty in Pink, Dope Taupe, Mented #5, Foxy Brown, Dark Night


They were gracious enough to send their capsule collection of nude lipsticks and their nude polishes to try out for you guys! My dear friend and fellow creative visionary, Myesha and I,  captured the products in their best light to show you why you need to get on the Mented Cosmetics train. We primarily highlighted the lipsticks this time around, but as soon as I’m ready for a nail color change, I’ll share a pic on insta or something to give you a peek at how they work. Let’s get into the galleries, swatches, and review, shall we?

Mented Cosmetics: Dark Night

Firstly, I swatched these colors without my go-to clear lip liner that I apply before all lipsticks I wear. I was admittedly a little disappointed with how this color came out on me. I was expecting it to be a bit darker, but I still love it. It’s the perfect brown outside of that, and I think it will be stunning on top of a lip liner.

Mented Cosmetics: Foxy Brown

And foxy it freaking is. This was my favorite of the group. It was an unexpectedly gorgeous burnt orangey brown and it just worked perfectly on my face lol. Maybe it’s the earrings and the black turtleneck that made it pop a bit more, but gosh it’s gorgeous. And as you can also see, it’s also very nicely pigmented.

Mented Cosmetics: Mented #5

Again, love this color as well. I’ve never been a big taupe fan, but I love that this one is a bit of a darker taupe. Kind of sultry if you will. This one is also pigmented, and really nice and creamy. I was loving the consistency of these at this point.

Mented Cosmetics: Dope Taupe

This one of the bunch I’d consider one of my perfect nudes. I think the “perfect nude” to me doesn’t have to be the kind that blends into my face. I don’t like the whole washed out look lol. I’m a big fan of the darker lip all year round, so this one would be a great spring/summer nude for me.

Mented Cosmetics: Pretty in Pink

All right y’all, when I first tried this one on, I was like naw, NEXT. I usually NEVER wear pinks, especially bright pinks. I just hate the contrast of it against my skin. But the longer I wore this one when swatching, I grew to like it. I determined it was because of the softness of this particular pink. It sort of settles if that makes sense. I’m going to continue stepping out of my comfort zone with this one.

Mented Cosmetics: Nude La La

Nude La La to me is Mented #5’s berry obsessed sister. Therefore, it’s also going to be a good go-to for the spring and summer, possibly even more so than Mented #5.

And that’s the capsule collection! As for how long the lipsticks wear, I kept Nude Lala on for a few hours after we shot and proceeded to eat and drink and I definitely will have to re-apply, but that’s neither here nor there for me (I don’t mind having to re-apply). I’m hoping that paring them with my clear lip liner (which I HIGHLY suggest you pick up as well) I’ll get a little longer wear out of them.


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