The Beauty Mistakes We Used to Make

The Beauty Mistakes We Used to Make

Whew, this year is coming to a close and boy has 2020 been a wild ride. Looking back on the year, our beauty game has definitely changed and we know some of us were making some of  those crazy beauty mistakes. Let’s get into this new year without bringing any of those beauty mistakes with us, cool?

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes 

There’s no shame in your game Sis. We know it can be tough, and we’ve done it before too but cleaning your makeup brushes is definitely A MUST. Aside from the fact that it can make you break out (glass skin all 2021), dirty brushes can also affect your makeup application technique. Various shades of foundation or shadow muddled together on one brush means you can’t get that crisp cut crease or ombre look that you’re looking for. You know what you need to do - soap and water honey, soap and water. 

Wearing Too Much Foundation 

Instagram makeup has definitely taken the beauty world by storm. Full glam makeup, all day every day. Unfortunately, we aren’t all influencers and we don’t have YouTube lighting following us around all day (We wish). Unless you’re hiding discoloration and blemishes, you definitely don’t need to apply foundation to your entire face. Remember to always do what you want, but way too much foundation can make your face appear masklike. Instead, focus on your specific trouble areas: T-zone, under the eyes and around the nose leaving the rest of your face fresh and free. 

Not Setting Your Concealer 

While a dab of concealer is great for hiding a blemish here or there, or even an under-eye circle, a dab of product is not enough. Even with a good primer, concealer can still shift and reveal what you don’t want to be seen. Need that brightness to stay in place, lock it down with a quick dusting of setting powder. Skin Silk Setting Powder is light and effective for the sensitive under-eye area. 

Using the Wrong Primer for Your Foundation Formula

Look, when you know better you do better. This is a huge beauty mistake that is often made inadvertently. If you are using a water-based foundation (if you’re unsure just check the ingredient list) make sure not to use it with a silicone-based primer. When silicone and water are paired together through foundation and primer, they don’t work well together at all. Often this pairing can cause one or even both of the products to pill up upon application. To get the best application and lasting foundation, pair water-based foundations with water-based primers and silicone foundations with silicone-based primers. Unsure of what primers to use with the Skin by Mented Foundation Stick? Try the Tatcha Silk Canvas, a primer that uses silk rather than silicone to smooth out the skin, and Milk Hydrogrip a silicone and oil-free primer that uses aloe water and hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture. Lastly for those who try to keep it simple, Farsali Skintune Blur, a water-based hybrid primer serum that can be used under makeup or by itself for a blur effect on the skin.
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