Introducing: The Play All Day Collection

Introducing: The Play All Day Collection

We've tapped into our playful side with our newest arrival, the Play all Day Collection. We're coming at you with not one, but TWO brand new lines. We're proud to welcome our High Brow Collection and Liquid Lip Sangria Collection to the Mented Family.

Let's start off with the brows, shall we? Our High Brow Collection consists of 4 brow pencils that are precise, waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and have a certified 10-hour wear time. It's also double-sided with a spoolie on one end for blending the product in and grooming hairs. 

  • Brow You Know - Light Brown
  • Brow or Later - Medium Brown
  • Brow Down - Deep Brown
  • Take a Brow - Black Brown

You can purchase each brow pencil for $15 each or buy 2 for $25 (now that's a deal)! Chuck your old brow pencils because we promise this will be your new go-to! 

Now let's get to the lip action! We heard you all loud and clear. You've been looking for a liquid lip that doesn't leave your lips super dry and flaky. A liquid lip that you can wear everywhere, the office, date night, and the club without looking like you did the most! Our Liquid Lip Sangria Collection consists of 5 liquid lips that dry-down to a velvet-matte feel (thanks to Vitamin E & Sweet Almond Oil), are transfer-resistant, and last all day. You get the all-day long-lasting power that only a liquid lip can give without the fear of your lips cracking. The shades are must-haves! We named this the Sangria Collection because it truly encompasses everything we love about the warm weather that's slowly approaching (brunch anyone)? It's truly a win all around. Now let's get into the shades!

  • Peachy Keen - Deep Peach
  • Hot Date - Chocolate Reddish Brown
  • Plum On Over - Muted Purple
  • Blood Orange - Brick Orange
  • Blacker the Berry - Raspberry Red

You can purchase each liquid lip for $20 each or grab the entire collection for $90. Liquid Lips finally made with your lifestyle and comfort in mind, why not collect them all?

Are you ready to play all day? Don't forget to tag us on IG and FB @MentedCosmetics and show us how you #PlayAllDay
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