My Wish

As the season changes and Mented once again grows I think about what’s next. I’m in constant awe of the transformation we’ve experienced over the last year and a half. The new office, the expanding team, the new products, the growing community, and more. It wows me how open the universe really is to your vision and effort. We’ve worked and toiled for this dream and we’re blessed to see the fruit of our labor.

My birthday was a week ago and as a Libra I’m constantly searching for wisdom and balance in the universe. My life as a co-founder of a growing startup has little balance, but I still find myself searching. I want to learn from every experience and optimize. My birthday was filled with family, friends, and lots of love. It was a beautiful and much needed reminder of how much I’m loved. This all leads me to my wish.

My seasonal wish is that you pause. That you truly stop to smell the roses. That you stand in awe of your life and all the growth you’ve experienced. That you find appreciation in yourself, those around you, and whatever power you serve. That you’re thankful for your life and all the good and bad that comes with it.

I wish you all the wealth, health, love, and success in the world and the wisdom to appreciate it.