Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Summer is finally here and summer travel is well underway. I find myself going to bachelorette parties, weddings, school reunions, destination birthday parties, and random road trips. No matter the occasion everything is picture worthy and therefore you need your best face. I find myself thinking of the smart British voice on the London Tube that says ‘Mind the gap’. She’s obviously warning you not to fall in the crack between the subway car and platform, but really it can be applied to so many things. For summer travel I think of two things; the transition from winter to summer beauty and beauty travel essentials.

Mind the gap people! Winter skin is not summer skin. Don’t fall in the cracks. Not only should you transition your skincare routine, but you should transition your beauty routine as well. In the winter to make sure my skin stays moist I use a heavy cream moisturizer and a light toner. In the summer my oily skin takes over. I use my Clarisonic twice a day, a light gel moisturizer, and a serious toner. It’s all about fresh glowing skin. Same for cosmetics. In the winter I do a full face with foundation, eyeshadow, and lots of blush. I want to make sure I stand out against the harsh grey backdrop of New York City. But in the summer, it’s all about the glow! In the summer I wear a lighter liquid foundation, mascara, blush, and a glow product. I want my skin to shine through and to look as natural as possible.

What’s the other gap? Knowing exactly what you need to travel with in the summer to achieve your perfect summer glow. Summer travel is always last minute and can be stressful. Don’t get caught slipping and pack the wrong products. Everyone remembers that one photo you have on a beach somewhere with friends and they’re all golden and perfect in their flowy dresses and you look like you’re doing the most in your out of season outfit and too much makeup. Keep it simple. Liquid foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, liner, and glow! My makeup bag is instantly lighter and I have no problem with TSA, lol.

KJ and I have thought about your summer needs and just in the nick of time. We recently launched our limited edition summer Gloss, Glow, and Go campaign. It features 3 color popping lip glosses and 3 shimmer lotions. These shimmer lotions are the perfect subtle summer highlight that you need to look golden all summer long. During the day I love adding Glow Up (rose gold) over my blush to give an instant boost of fresh. And at night I’m all about our classic gold called Glow Out that’s makes me look golden and needs no filter.

At Mented we believe you should have the beauty look and options you want all year long. We want you to find yourself in the world of beauty and love the person you find. Hopefully we can help! 

Glow On,


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